Tuesday, March 22, 2005


EuroUpdate: Playoffs Getting Violent!

So much for European hockey being all elegance and finesse.

Jeff Shantz gave Eric Landry (pictured) a nice Easter gift in the final game of the relegation playoffs in Switzerland.

According to Joeri of Eurohockey.net,
After a Shantz check, Landry's head hit the metal piece that is there
to hold the glass...
...(A) spicy detail is that opposition coach had warned in press his
team would go after Landry (a bit like theBertuzzi/Moore-case),
however this was not a clear attack as the Bertuzzi-case.

Over in Czechia, the sparks were flying as Zlin managed to tie up their series at one apiece (after losing Game 1 in a stupid shootout) with a 4-2 win over pesky Vitkovice.

The tension started midway through the 3rd period when Marek Malik, still fuming from an earlier cross-checking penalty he took, turned green and decided to !MALIK SMASH! Zlin’s Miroslav Okal into the board railing (under the plexiglass). Malik was kicked out of the game and will face a suspension.

After Jaroslav Balastik scored a late insurance goal, the tension overflowed and there were 3 separate fights. A pissed-off Miroslav Okal took on Nashville prospect Zbynek Irgl while...

...Petr Hubacek (ex-Flyer) undressed poor David Nosek...

...ex-Penguins forward Roman Simicek pounded on Pavel Zubicek...

There will be plenty of suspensions handed out to players on both teams and it will likely hurt the Vitkovice squad more as Simicek and Irgl are two of their more important players.


Over in Slovakia, the action was more peaceful as Zvolen took a very easy 2-0 series lead thanks to a Game 2 3-0 win over Kosice.

Liberec/Pardubice and Slovan/Trencin start their series today.

Woa! When the heck did the european elite leagues turn into the WWE?
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