Monday, February 07, 2005


Won't Somebody Think of the Charities?

We’ve heard plenty of stories about how the fans, concession stand workers, bartenders, waitresses, players, owners, panhandlers (There are a lot of them outside GM Place every game), etc. have been hurt by the NHL lockout.

How about the charities?

According to a story by CTV (Canadian Television), you can add another party to the long list of those hurt by the NHL lockout.

The Canadiens (Children’s Charity) aren't the only charity that's hurting. Lotteries and things like silent auctions raise millions annually.
But with no hockey, there's no money.

In Calgary, the city's minor hockey association got $80,000 per year from the NHL's Flames. Next year, it could be a fraction of that or even nothing at all, depending on how long the lockout lasts.

"It's hurting us big-time," says the association's Ken Moore.
In a good year, the Flames help raise up to $1 million for charity. This year, it's about one-third of that.

Every year, the Canucks have a telethon during a selected broadcast to help their main charity: Canuck Place.

There won’t be one of those this year without any televised games.

Every game also features a 50/50 draw which helps out local minor hockey associations. $3,000+ per game is usually raised to support minor hockey. Take an estimated $3,000 X 41 home games as a figure - These kids lose out on $123,000 this season!

The NHL Lockout: Where everyone is a LOSER!


On a side note, it appears that Richard Matvichuk and Brad Isbister won’t be joining HC Slovan Bratislava as first thought. Although they are registered to play with Slovan, vice-president Krajci doesn’t expect them to come over to Europe. It’s hard to Matvichuk and Slovan to pony up enough dough to insure his $8.5 contract.

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