Saturday, February 12, 2005


Weekend Update: Make all the clouds disappear

It turns out that the 3 members of Team Sweden (mentioned yesterday) being investigated for the alleged rape of a woman have been cleared of the least for this very moment, the police have stopped investigating the incident.

1. TSN Story
2. VodkaFish has some news directly from his Swedish source, Jocke.

Like you said, they are no longer suspects, but they are still held under investigation. A prosecutor will be handed this case today and the players themselves (Tallinder, Lilja & Huselius) have just hired a very famous Swedish lawyer (Leif Silbersky).

The three players admit to having sex with the 21-year old woman.
A press-conference was held five hours ago and the players told the members of the press, that they will leave the team and let others fill their spots in the roster. They felt it was the ‘best thing to do for the team’.


On a more positive note, the Pannon GSM Cup got underway in Budapest. 8,000 fans watched their Hungarian squad got tarred and feather by a collection of old NHL 4th liners by a 7-0 score. Slovakia beat Germany 2-1 in the other match.

Hungary - Canada 0:7 (0:1, 0:3, 0:3)
Goals: 17. M. Green, 24. Gardner, 33. Pollock, 38. Gainey, 47. E. Schneider, 49. Glen Metropolit, 52. Herperger

Germany - Slovakia 1:2 (0:0, 1:0, 0:2)
Goals: 23. Barta (Felski, Sturm) - 44. Nagy (Podhradský), 56. Stümpel.

Nemecko: Kölzig - Retzer, Bakos, Schauer, S. Wright, Kopitz, Köppchen, Kink, Petermann - Felski, A. Barta, Sturm - Hecht, Ustorf, Kreutzer - Hackert, Fical, Arendt - Lewandowski, Mondt, Furchner.

Slovensko: Stana - Podhradský, Štrbák, L. Cierny, Suchý, Smrek, Starosta, Stehlík, S. Hudec - Šatan, Stümpel, Nagy - Ciernik, Rastislav Pavlikovský, Marcel Hossa - Országh, P. Pucher, Bartecko - Kukumberg, Róbert Petrovický, Radivojevic.


Brad Isbister has managed to find another European team. He'll be joining Innsbruck/Tirol of the Austrian League. Finally, a league in which he won't suck in! (Maybe)

It appears Niko Dimitrakos has managed to get his Greek citizenship papers in order, and thus is allowed to officially join the SCL Tigers in Switzerland.

Sean Avery is joining his old Red Wings buddies with the Motor City Mechanics of the UHL. Leave it to Avery to put his in mouth once again, as he comments on taking a UHL spot and Europeans in the NHL due to expansion.

"If he doesn't want me to take his job he should work harder," he added to Toronto's The Fan 590 radio station. "Work harder until he's good enough to make the NHL then I wont be able to take his job."

"I think they can eliminatate a lot of Europeans who are mediocre and are taking a lot of jobs," Avery told Toronto's The Fan 590.

Hmm, if the NHL shrinks back to 24 or 26 teams, mediocre 4th line North Americans like you, SEAN AVERY, wouldn't have a job!

I'm sure the UHL players can sweat and work themselves out to tears, but they still aren't going to make the NHL. Do you think the UHL stars lack the passion for game? Just be thankful you were blessed with enough natural talent to even make the NHL, Sean, and stop being such an ass.

Trust me...there is a reason why Canucks fans want Todd Bertuzzi to go 'Tuzzi' on Avery.

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