Monday, February 28, 2005


Weekend Roundup: A Family Affair

It was a bit of a wild weekend in the Czech Extraleague as the season is almost complete.

In this Vsetin-Karlovy Vary derby, 39 year-old Russian defenseman Alexej Jaskin played the final home game of his career for Vsetin. Since Vsetin is far out of the playoffs, they decided to give him a unique parting gift: The opportunity to play on the ice at the same time as his son.

Enter Michail Jaskin, the 13 year(and 3 month)-old son of Alexej. Michail dressed as a forward and played the first shift of the game together with his father. Needless to say, Michail is, by far, the youngest player to ever dress for an Extraleague match.

As you would expect when dressing a 13 year-old, disaster ensued! Jan Kostal of Karlovy Vary took quick advantage of the mismatch and scored on the first shot of the game! Now Michail is -1 for his Extraleague least Michail and Alexej will always remember that shift ;)

I just wonder how low they can go? Will another Extraleague club try to outdo Vsetin and dress a 12 year-old?

In addition to the 2 Jaskins, Vsetin also dressed 2 Horak's and 3 Hruska's. Try keeping track of that scorecard!


Elsewhere in Czechia, Litvinov captured the 8th and final playoff spot with a 2-0 over Hame Zlin. Plzen lost 6-3 to Liberec and has been eliminated since Litvinov has the tiebreaker advantage.

The match between Znojmo and Pardubice had to be postponed due to both rosters being ravaged by the flu. This match will be made up later this week.

And Richard Kral (my hockey idol from Trinec) has declared that he will not be back with the team next year. Needless to say, I'm more devastated than the day I found out that Terminator 2 would not win the Best Picture OSCAR.


ZLATA HELMA! - The second-to-last set of videoclips is now online for your viewing and voting. Please go over to the Zlata Helma site and stuff the ballot box for entry #6. Thank you.

(Right-Click and 'Save As')

1. Tomas Vlasak turns Litvinov's Kamil Jarina inside out with more moves than a Michael Jackson video.
2. Kamil Jarina looks a lot better in this clip as he does a pretzel twist to make the save.
3. Martin Hamrlik (bro of Roman) sets up Jaroslav Balastik with a loooooooong pass.
4. Martin Chabada rips a slapshot (from about 5 feet away) past a poor Vsetin goalie (Stefan Zigardy?) who probably crapped his pants.
5. Milan Kraft has had a poor year, but he does get on the highlight reel for starting up this 3-way combination play.
6. Former Vancouver Giant Robin Kovar makes a skillful mid-air deflection in one of his three goals versus Pardubice.

...and the stats from the last round of games...

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