Friday, February 11, 2005


EuroUpdate: I told you Swedes were evil!

It seems that 3 members of Team Sweden had a little trouble with the law last night...

(Courtesy of and Fredrik Palsson)

Kristian Huselius, Andreas Lilja and Henrik Tallinder were all brought to a police office in Stockholm for questioning just a few hours before the game vs. Czech Republic in Sweden Hockey Games. They were questioned about a rape that took place during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the same night as the Swedish team came to Stockholm after the game against Norway in Karlskoga.

The players weren't released before around 20:30 and they all missed the game against the Czech Republic. They are currently not suspected of any crime.

Sweden had to play without three quality players but still managed to win against the Czech Republic after penalty shots.

...and yes, this was the REAL Andreas Lilja, and not Peter Forsberg pretending to be him...

In Day 1 of the Swedish Hockey Games, Sweden did indeed defeat Czechia by a 3-2 score. In the other game, Senators’ prospect centerman Alex Kaigorodov gave Russia 4-3 OT win over Finland

Boxscore from the Sweden/Czechia game...

First period:
0-1 (5.39) Andreas Johansson (Henrik Zetterberg; Magnus Johansson), 1-1 (16.05) Vaclav Prospal (Radek Dvorak; Jan Bulis)

SOG: 8-8.

Second period:
1-2 (11.15) Andreas Johansson (Magnus Kahnberg) in double pp, 2-2 (15.16) Jan Hlavac (Tomas Kaberle).

SOG: 5-10.

Third period:
SOG: 15-10.

SOG: 0-2.

Penalty shots:
0-1 Mattias Weinhandl

SOG: 0-1. Total SOG: 28-31.


As for Slovakia, they begin play in the Pannon GSM Cup against Germany.
There is some incentive to win this tournament, as the winning team will get 80 million Hungarian Forint(s). At today’s exchange rate, that’s equal to about $525,000 Canadian. That’s over $20,000 per player, which would be really damn good money for the poor Hungarian players, and still damn fine money for the Slovaks and Germans.

(Edited: 5:26am 02/11/05)

Kaigorodov is a centre dammit! And he owns!
"...and yes, this was the REAL Andreas Lilja, and not Peter Forsberg pretending to be him..."

Don't you mean Peter Worell?
1. Yes, Kaigorodov is a center...I must have confused him temporarily with Anton Volchenkov

2. I meant FORSBERG, who is actually in aren't the first person to question me on that :)
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