Monday, February 21, 2005


EuroUpdate: Hot Video Action

Since we truly won't be getting any NHL hockey on TV this season, these Zlata Helma (Golden Helmet) clips really provide some of the best highlights we're going to see all year.

I really wish the NHL would do something similar to this.
If you don't know by now, the Golden Helmet is a contest held in the Czech Extraleague.

Fans vote for 1 of 6 best 'actions' from the previous week of games. Every week, fans vote on the best action from six categories: STICKHANDLING, SAVE, PASS, SHOT, COMBINATION, and FREE (Anything goes in here)

The winner of the voting wears a real Golden Helmet while they play, showing that they are, in fact, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN HELMET!

The NHL could hold this contest monthly. Place the top 6 plays on the NHL website and on the NHL Cool Shots show. Fans could phone in or vote online for their pick. The winning NHL player would then wear the Golden Helmet on the ice for the next month.

Forget the cliche BS about "Oh, he'll just be a target! Everyone will want to cheap shot him". It's time that we stopped listening to the 'traditionalists' all the time and started injecting some new ideas into the game.

This week's Top 6 is pretty damn good!

1. Martin Havlat takes the pick in and goes backhand-forehand-backhand ROOF for the goal. Niiiiiiice!
2. Milan Hnilicka commits some grand glove larceny as he robs Kladno's Horna on the rebound.
3. Vitkovice's Juraj Stefanka sets up Predator's prospect Zbynek Irgl with a very cheeky and lightning-quick pass from behind the net. The goalie never had a chance.
4. David Pospisil goes ROOF with a great shot of his own. Check out the celebration afterwards!
5. Ivo Prorok is the firestarter on this 3-way combination play.
6. Ales Hemsky finishes off with some master stickhandling work. This is Hemsky's 4th nomination this season for a Golden Helmet award. I'm somewhat jealous that Oilers fans have such a slick player on their hands.

...and here are the usual boxscore stats from yesterday's games...

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