Sunday, February 06, 2005


EuroUpdate: All Substance, No Hype

My Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots 24 - Eagles 17, and one boring Half Time show.

Unlike our friends south of the border, us Canadians don't get the crafty and unique(?) American commercials. Instead of the much-hyped ads for Erectile Dysfunction pills, we get the exact same boring commercials that we see every day.

This has to be the one and only time of the year where I actually complain about the type of commercials we get. Why don't Canadian companies at least put out some interesting ads of their own during the Super Bowl? The first company to do this and stand out from the crowd could get an expected windfall of some sort.

Oh well...time for the EuroUpdate!

1. The DEL (German Elite League) held its annual DEL All-Stars vs. German National Team 'All Star' Game - The German National team won by a 9-7 score.

Rosters can be found here!

Goal Scoring:

DEL All-Stars - Germany 7:9 (2:3, 2:4, 3:2).

13., 24. a 54. McLlwain, 38. a 50. Walker, 19. Julien, 51. Lebeau - 7., 39. a 45. Fical, 32. a 60. Hackert, 3. Furchner, 17. Kreutzer, 30. Kink, 37. Sturm.

I couldn't find an official boxscore for the game, but I'm sure Andy Delmore probably finished -7 or something.

2. This Karlovy Vary/Plzen match ended in a 2-2 tie, complete with a nice big brawl in overtime. Radek Duda, Jason Marshall, and Pavel Trnka of Plzen got into a nice 3-on-2 donnybrook with Martin Hlavacka (The Sandis Ozolinsh of Czech hockey) and Vaclav Skuhravy. Check out the photo evidence.

3. The Danish League has completed regular season play and Herning Blue Fox was the top team. PJ at may have more on Danish hockey if the lockout continues.

...and here are the stats from today's Czech and Slovak Extraleague games...

I see some nice photo evidence of an ad on that ref's ass.
Ugh! Advertisements on a ref's ass???? That's just about the lowest thing that European hockey has ever done! I hope the AHL/ECHL doesn't get ideas like that.

Walking bilboards!

Although, I just heard on the radio Monday morning that some pregnant lady had sold her pregnant stomach. For the rest of her pregnancy, her stomach will advertise for the boxing promotion website

There all advertising whores!! Whores I tell you! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!
The Grey Cup was a much better game than this year's Super Bowl. At least I cared about who was playing in the CFL game. (Go Argos Go). I really don't like the Patriots since they beat up on my Steelers. Also, nobody from Pittsburgh roots for any team from Philadelphia.

Can you name one Canadian Company that would advertise? I'm not sure, but a lot of Canadian businesses probably don't want to do business with Rupert Murdock and FOX. Did the Superbowl air on TSN or CBC? FAN 590 AM hyped the game broadcast on their radio station for 2 whole weeks.
Got a couple of An*y *elmore (the guy has no "D")stories for you. If you haven't noticed his eyes are a bit crossed, I used to yell "Uncross your eyes Delmore!" All the time when he would do something stupid, which was often. Anyway a guy I used to sit next to told me that he signed his name upside down and backwards but it came out looking fine. Also a fan saw him at a bar in Nashville and caught this gem, Andy:"Yeah I'm a hockey player, I've got a heck of a slapshot." What a pick up line. I miss this guy less than I miss Cale Hulse and that's saying a LOT. Charlie
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