Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Crowned and Flatlined

The ongoing NHL lockout has claimed two personnel jobs within the NHL, Kris King and Pat Flatley. King, who is the compliance officer for the league's new crackdown on the size of goaltender protective gear, did not receive a contract renewal due to the inactivity of the entire league. Pat Flatley, NHL Alumni Board of Director/NHL Director of Alumni Relations, will also be without a contract. It is expected that when the league resumes, the pair will return to their regular duties.

During their careers, King and Flatley were two ‘blue-collar’ types that didn’t rake in the big millions that their star peers did (Although King was well overpaid during the last part of his career).

Now that the lockout has cost them their jobs (temporarily), I wonder whose side they would be on this fight. The NHL has provided them with post-playing employment, and then taking it away from them. Both players wouldn’t have been hit too hard under a salary cap (except King’s last contract), so they may not sympathize with their former guild buddies.

(Story provided by Sportsnet.ca)

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