Thursday, January 27, 2005


Things to do in Vancouver when you're bored...

There really isn’t anything substantial or earth-shattering to comment on today, but there are a few miscellaneous items I would like to post about.

1. The NHL/NHLPA talks – Although the PA claims that there has been no progress, only a fool would believe that statement when both sides are scheduled for another round of talks. I would opine that the PA (many members of) will cave to the NHLs demands and will be playing in an NHL with some sort of cap/stiff luxury tax. I would figure the PA would hold out until the summer, but that is just my opinion.

I really don't know what they are discussing, how close they are to a deal, or what they had for lunch. I’m a "Hockey Outsider", so I’m not going to speculate on the details contained within the current offers and negotiations. I don’t tend to trust a large part of the mainstream media, since they often have their own agenda and take both sides' propaganda at face value.

If you want an "Insiders" take on the proceedings, check out HockeyRumours Blog. ‘Eklund’ has been posted some interesting rumours and other ‘inside’ information on his site. Unlike the usual rhetoric/Kool-aid we get from the Al Strachan's and Larry Brooks’ of the world (who are fed rhetoric and eat it up in order to keep their insider status), this stuff is a little more ‘realistic’ in tone and not subject to too many flights of journalistic fancy.

Is there reason to be optimistic?

I am jumping on a flight, but I just got word about the new proposal coming from the NHL. How serious is it? My source says, "This will absolutely be over by Saturday. Posturing is over. These talks are the final talks. We will know where we are in the next few days. I am convinced this new proposal is a result of what both sides have been working on. There is immense pressure coming from the big teams. The players are going to have a hard time turning down this offer. Word is they already know what it basically is and are holding a vote on their website as we speak. I would be stunned if the season was cancelled. It won't go past the week-end. Not a chance"

2. If you can decipher basic Cyrillic and want to watch some good video clips, AK Bars KAZAN (Russian Super League) has a great video website where you can watch clips of various goals/plays.

My favourite has to be this Ilya Kovalchuk gem where he goes end-to-end and then motions to the crowd to ‘Hush’!

This is a quick and easy way to get your hockey fix when there is no NHL on TV. Plus, it gives you a different perspective on what hockey looks like in Russia (Of course, you don’t have to watch the boring defensive play contained within the rest of the game).

3. Branko Bucks Trencin – Poor Dukla Trencin has been jilted at the altar by Branko Radivojevic, who has committed to Lulea HF (Sweden? What a shocker...) for the rest of the season if the NHL season doesn’t happen. Poor Pavol Demitra would be pulling out his hair if he had any...his team keeps losing, his team captain gets busted for smoking up, and nobody wants to come and play with him.

4. How do the Japanese picture the NHL? Well, ‘Yun-Ta’ presents Hockey Portraited...basically some very ‘interesting’ pictures of NHL players.

Take a look at PAVOL DEMITORA!!


Take a look at the Keith Tkachuk portrait for a good laugh....Kross-eyed Keith!
Hah, Tkachuk. These are hilarious Jes... I'm going to have to start posting them with my quips.
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