Friday, January 28, 2005


SSDD: Same (Stuff), Different Day

I have put myself in a semi-lockout regarding the CBA negotiations. With so much rhetoric and so many rumours flying through the air, I don't really want to spend the energy speculating on flights of fantasy and commenting on 'soft' news. I am certainly reading my fair share of news, but I'll save my strength and rantings for when the bomb drops either way. I have a feeling many others are feeling the same way as we approach the magical January 31st deadline. Like the boy who cried 'Wolf', we just grow weary of hearing the same ol' story.

If you don't want to waste your time and want to keep up to date on the latest CBA news, I'd suggest the following quality links:

1. James "The Professional" Mirtle, who opines on the thought of a players' vote
2. This article, which details the apparent details of the latest proposal and what the PA doesn't like about it...and the 'Triple Cap' System.
3. The Hockey Rodent, who is always entertaining and never short on CBA opinions.
4. HockeyRumours Blog, if you love the gossipy-type 'Insider' stuff. It's intriguing, if not somewhat questionable at times.

Until then, I will preach the gospel I know best...

onto the EUROUPDATE! (Cue awesome German Disco Intro Muzak)

1. Marcel Hanzal - To finalize this story, my pal Daniel notes that Hanzal has been suspended until April 7th (Basically a total 3 months) for his pot smoking habit. If Trencin somehow makes the finals (unlikely at this rate), Hanzal could be available for Game 3 (If the schedule holds). Although it was the 'minimum' suspension under current regulations, it really did hurt him and his team as he missed the European Champions Cup and most/all of the playoffs. Kids, wait until the offseason to smoke it up, OK?

2. Radovan Somik - The peeps in Trencin must hate Sweden as much as I do right now! First it was Branko Radivojevic spurning Dukla for Lulea...and now Somik has said "Dakujem, ale nedakujem!" (Thanks, but no thanks...) and will head to Malmo in...SWEDEN!! I have a small urge to trash my Ikea furniture right now, but it really does look too nice.

...and here are the stats from today's games. Both Poprad and Slovan won by large scores, but Miro Satan and Peter Bondra managed not to do much of anything. Weird...



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