Saturday, January 22, 2005


Radim Vrbata is Rad at the Stars Game.

Radim Vrbata and Marek Uram (a Slovak, ironically) each had hat-tricks as they led the Czech Tipsport Extraliga to a 14-6 victory over the Slovak ST Extraliga in front of 8,900 fans in Ostrava (Vitkovice).

This was a true All-Star type game if there ever was one as there were no penalties called nor was there any attempt to play defense by any of the players.

The Scoring:

Tipsport Extraliga
02:47 Vrbata (Mikeska, Fischer)
08:48 T. Kaberle (M. Procházka, Straka)
11:21 Uram (Irgl), 11:50 Irgl (Pucher)
15:05 Kubina (Fischer, Mikeska)
21:00 Vrbata (Kubina)
28:23 Šlégr (M. Procházka, Výborný)
39:02 Pucher (Pilar, Hlavacka)
41:27 Vrbata (Fischer)
42:40 Uram
48:49 Uram (Pucher)
53:00 Hlavacka (Irgl)
53:37 Straka (Výborný, T. Kaberle)
56:08 Nedorost (Mikeska)

Slovak Extraliga
05:32 Višňovský (Hujsa)
09:46 Šatan (Hujsa, Višnovský)
23:28 Bicek (Kroták, Kmiť)
24:44 Beran (Čierny)
50:02 Bača (Bicek, Kroták)
59:25 Kledrowetz (Fabus)

Jiri Fischer, Peter Pucher, Michal Mikeska, and Zbynek Irgl also had 3-point nights for the Czech side while Lubomir Visnovsky and Jiri Bicek were the only Slovak Leaguers to get more than a single point.

The unofficial MVPs (since the Czechs didn't award official ones) were Radim Vrbata and Michal Fikrt - The poor Slovak starting goalie who let in 7 goals...but earned universal praise from the media and the Czech Leaguers for his valiant effort.

Radim Vrbata had quite an interesting night - Before the game, he was stuck in a snowstorm for more than 6 hours...and then he only had time to eat a single banana for lunch and before game time. The lack of carbs and protein seemed to help his game as he stole the spotlight from more superior players such Miro Satan and Pavel Kubina.


I will finish the CHL Top Prospects game stuff tomorrow (I promise!). In the meantime, some other Euronews.

1. Jason Marshall has been confirmed as the newest acquisition for HC Plzen of the Czech Extraleague. Marshall will be the only non-Slavic member of the Extraliga (Brad Ference of the Flames is with Ceske Budejovice in the 1st Division). Jason Marshall doesn't seem like the type of defenseman who will really excel in the finesse-oriented Czech league...Still, Plzen has generally had a weak defence and Marshall should improve their chances.

2. Jiri Hudler has played his final game with Vsetin (beating Trinec to a pulp) and will head back to Grand Rapids. His ankle has healed and he must feel that his father is in good enough condition that he can return to North America. Jiri Hudler finished his little 'vacation' with 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 games (with -1 and 10 PIM).

3. ZLATA HELMA! This week's action clips are up for viewing and voting
(Right Click and 'Save As')

1. Jaroslav Kudrna really makes Slovak Dominik Granak look like a pylon (and he's wearing red) with this rush.
2. Martin Prusek has really starting to settle into his role as #1 goalie of Znojmo after a horrible start to the season. With him and Hasek both in Ottawa when the NHL starts up will you tell them apart?
3. Peter "Production Dwarf" Leska sets up Martin Janacek with a quick cross-ice pass. With passing like this, it's no wonder line-mate Jaroslav Balastik has such a nice goal total ;)
4. Jiri Hudler shakes Trinec's Richard Kral like a bad habit and scores during his 'farewell' game.
5. Two of the biggest drinkers in the Extraleague, Roman Kadera and Ladislav Lubina, stay sober enough to combine on a net combination play. I wonder how beers these wily vets pounded back after the game to celebrate (Or drown out the fact they play for the very worst team in the league).
6. Radim Vrbata hits a homerun against $parta Prague.

VERB! That's what's happening!

(nice to see at least one 'Canes player is doing well over in Euro-land).
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