Monday, January 17, 2005


Omsk weasels away the European Champions Cup

“Jaromir Jagr comes through in the clutch!”

No, this isn’t an ad for’s actually true!

Jaromir Jagr scored the overtime winner in a 2-1 thrilling overtime victory over Oulu Karpat (The Weasels), which gives Avangard Omsk the first ever European Champions Cup title.

The winning goal came 14:38 into the 4-on-4 sudden-death overtime period when tournament MVP Maxim Sushinsky fed Jaromir Jagr with a neat cross pass which the Czech one-timed past Niklas Bäckström.

Of course, it was the least Jagr could do after taking 2 really dumb penalties in the 2nd period.

Maxim “Tuna Roll” Sushinsky (Sushinski/Susinskij, etc...) was the big star of the tournament with 4 goals and 3 assists in 3 games. Jagr only had 4 points and didn’t even make the media All-Star team.

The media All Star team:
Goalie: Norm Maracle, Avangard
Defence: Oleg Tverdovsky, Avangard.
Defence: Josef Boumedienne, Kärpät
Forward: Maxim Sushinsky, Avangard
Forward: Jussi Jokinen, Kärpät
Forward: Andrei Kovalenko, Avangard.
Most Valuable Player: Maxim Sushinsky

Here is a photo taking at the game, courtesy of ‘Itar’.

What comes next??

Well, with NHLPA mob boss Bob Goodenow giving the order to his minions to find whatever work they can, the European leagues will really get busy loading up for the stretch run. If my memory serves me correctly, all transfers and rosters must be set by the end of January.

Rumours and other tidbits (I’ll try and get more in to depth when I have time):

Peter Bondra – Finally committing to Poprad? (Slovak Extraleague)
Robert Lang – Spurning the Czech Extraleague?
Branko Radivojevic – Leaving Vsetin (Czechia) to join Trencin (Slovakia) for the playoffs?
Marcel Hanzal – He should know the results of his ‘B’ sample by the end of the week.


Hey, at least he's an all-star SOMEWHERE.

What did Andrei "Worst Dressed Man in the NHL EVER" Kovalenko get for his efforts? A case of Balshoii Piotrs, a Zippo lighter, and a new Nehru jacket?
Worst Dressed in the NHL?

Hey now now now... be nice to 'Tanked'...he's really cleaned up his act since he returned to Russia.

And Vancouver has enough snobby fashionitas!! Me and my rather nerdy fashion sense really stick out against the Tommy Hilfiger crowd.
Oh god, you have no idea.

This is the man who wore--I am not kidding--a Nehru jacket WITH THE DISCO MEDALLION AND BELLBOTTOMS as his post-game attire once while here in R'lyeh.

I once caught him wearing this gawd-awful eye-burning red jacket (which I think he gave to Hurricanes TV color guy Tripp Tracy), matched with a wide red-and-black striped tie, pennyloafers, and black chinos...the day before he was spotted wearing (I am not kidding) a leisure suit.

I mean, I am not exactly the most fashion-conscious person on the planet--but I know a crappy dresser when I see one. :p
Well, given how 'tanked' Kovalenko was on a regular basis, maybe he has a valid excuse

or he was just copying Don Cherry - He's known for dressing loudly and sharply

or maybe that's just how they dress in Moscow
(Moscow, Wilf die glaser an die wand)

And thanks to you, the folks at Stop-n-Rob think I'm even more insane than I really am. :p
According to my psychic/lawyer, JesCo Enterprises Inc. cannot be held liable for your workplace singing.

Too bad, so sad ;)
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