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Hey now, you're an All-Star!

While the NHL has cancelled its (always boring) All-Star festivities, the Czech and Slovak Extraleagues have now been naming the rosters for the “Utkani Hviezd” (Stars Game) to take place on January 22rd.

For the past 2 seasons, the Slovak and Czech Extraleagues have played each other in this annual event, rather than just within their own leagues. The series is split 1-1, with the game being held in Vitkovice this year. The fans vote for the first 2 lines, and then the coaches pick the remaining players. It’s kind of strange seeing Slovaks playing against the Slovak Extraleague and vice-versa.

Slovak Extraleague Roster (# of votes for winners):

1st unit: Michal Fikrt (2016 hlasů) - Dusan Milo (1939/oba Nitra), Lubomír Visnovský (1885/Slovan Bratislava) - Lubomír Kolník (1737/Nitra), Pavol Demitra (1916/Trencín), Martin Bartek (670/Slovan).

2nd unit: Karol Krizan (Zvolen) - Jirí Hes (Trencín), Daniel Babka - Michal Handzus (oba Zvolen), Richard Kapus, Miroslav Satan (oba Slovan Bratislava).

3rd unit: Juraj Kledrowetz (Kosice), Jergus Baca (Liptovský Mikuláš) - Miroslav Zálesák (Skalica), Arne Kroták, Jirí Bicek (oba Kosice).

4th unit: Ladislav Cierny (Zvolen), Radoslav Suchý (Poprad) - Richard Zedník (Zvolen), Roman Kontsek (Zilina), Vladimír Országh (Zvolen).

Marian Gaborik was actually voted to the starting lineup, but his nomination was given to Martin Bartek since Gaborik is in Sweden listening to ABBA cover bands.

Czech Extraleague Roster:
1st unit: Marek Pinc (Vitkovice) - Tomas Kaberle (Kladno), Jiri Slegr (Litvinov), Milan Hejduk (Pardubice), Martin Rucinsky (Litvinov), Jaroslav Balastik (Zlin)

2nd unit: Igor Murin (Zlin) – Martin Hamrlik (Zlin), Frantisek Kaberle (Kladno), David Vyborny (Sparta), Petr Leska (Zlin), Martin Straka (Plzen)

3rd unit: Jaroslav Spacek (Slavia), Jiri Fischer (Liberec), Radim Vrbata (Liberec), Petr Cajanek (Zlin), Jan Bulis (Pardubice)

4th unit: Karel Pilar (Sparta), Pavel Kubina (Vitkovice), Michal Mikeska (Pardubice), Peter Pucher (Znojmo), Martin Prochazka (Kladno)

Just check out the # of NHLers on these rosters. If the NHL somehow starts up a season soon, the rosters would pretty much have to be redone from scratch. I also wonder how Miroslav Zalesak will react to playing with the Slovak Extraleague team, since he's been with Litvinov in Czechia for the past couple of months...

BrendlWatch – European Tour 2004-05

It seems that Pavel Brendl didn’t last more than 5 games with Thurgau of the Swiss 1st division! Since the team isn’t going to make the playoffs, it appears that Brendl was kicked out because he wasn’t worth the boxes of donuts he was being paid. According to, Brendl will likely be heading back to Finland.

As for brat-packer Martin Havlat, it appears that Dynamo Moscow claims that Havlat’s contract was until APRIL, and not until January. Moscow is also whining that Havlat took side-trips to see his mistress in Prague, which led to some groin problems...which I won’t get into further detail about :). If Dynamo’s claims of contract length are true, Havlat could be basically screwed without a team for the rest of the season.

My investigations have revealed video evidence of why Martin Havlat really left Moscow (turn your sound up):

Also, be sure to check out the Hockey Rodent, who has more of the scoop on Beavis and Butthead than I do.

It also appears that Ronald Petrovicky has left Zilina. He appears to be waiting to see if the NHL cancels the season or not. I don’t know why he chose to leave the team now, and not later, but perhaps he just wants a break.

Stats from yesterday’s games:


just a note.. Ronald Petrovicky hasn't left Zilina on his own. He was sacked by the team for poor results. Kinda strange, an NHLer being fired from the team :)
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