Saturday, January 08, 2005


Extraleague Update Machine: 01-08-05

I feel much better after my little chop-suey of Bill Daly.

So, here is today's Extraleague Update Machine.

1. Martin Havlat is done with Dynamo Moscow - Just before Dynamo was to play in the Continental Cup tournament, Havlat left Dynamo and will now take a 2-week vacation before deciding on his next team (he's basically waiting to see what happens with the labour negotiations). There is some speculation that he will join Znojmo again, but that is just speculation and nothing more.
(Edit: According to 'joolzie', Havlat's contract with Dynamo was only until January, and it simply lapsed. He'll train in Czechia and consider his non-NHL options.)

2. HKm Zvolen (Handzus, Zednik, Orszagh) played Milano (Italy) and won 6-1 in their first Continental Cup tournament game. This is basically some very strange 4-team tournament that they play every year. Dynamo Moscow beat Alba Volan (Hungary) 8-1 in the other match: Maxim Afinogenov had 3 points and Pavel Datsyuk (Daciuk) had 2 points in the win.

...and no, I do not know what type of injury Richard Zednik has. It pisses me off to no end that Zvolen is the one pro hockey team on the planet without an official (Or unofficial) webpage.

3. Jaroslav Svoboda was 'purchased' by Trinec from the 1st division team of Olomouc. I don't know why a non-playoff bound team would want a rather ordinary 1st division player...even if he is a part-time NHLer. He's been added to the update file along with JAROSLAV BALASTIK, who you should damn well know by now.

The stats...



Another punk-ass move by Havlat? He lives by his own rules. I love it.

-A random punk
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