Wednesday, November 10, 2004


To Russia for Money

The oil barons of Russia are really loading up with the expensive luxury-car NHLers as it appears more and more like there won't be an NHL season. (Negotiations don't tend to happen by themselves, guys!)

1. A bombshell this morning as it was announced that Martin "The Brat" Havlat was leaving the Znojmo Eagles to join Dynamo Moscow in Russia.

"From Martin's perspective, having the chance to go to Russia and play in a very competitive league, he's really looking forward to being part of that," Havlat's agent Allan Walsh said

Of course, the $1.2 million (tax-free) he's scheduled to be paid with Dynamo had absolutely nothing to do with his decision.

2. Mora on Marian - There are conflicting reports from DenikSport and from other sites about the future/here&now of Marian Hossa. While Denik Sport seems to confirm that Hossa will join his brother, Marcel, with MORA IK until January 25th, neither the Slovak hockey site nor the officials from Dukla Trencin have confirmed the move has actually taken place yet.

Unlike Havlat, Marian wouldn't be moving for the money. MORA IK has admitted that they do not have a lot of money to throw around at the moment, and are getting the big-brother discount if Marian decides to play for them.
(Thanks for Dano and Joolzie for the info)

3. I haven't been providing as much Vancouver Giants news as I'd like, so here is a decent article about the Giants and their two imports: Andrej Meszaros and Marek Schwarz. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's a decent read.

Bombshell indeed, even *I* was caught off-guard by that.

IIHF has announced Hossa to Sweden, for what it's worth.

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