Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Is That a Threat, or a Promise, Mr. Lowe?

In case you hadn’t heard the sad news, Oilers Executive VP/GM Kevin Lowe stated that he will resign his position should the NHL’s economic structure not change.

To which the rest of the world responded, "Like, oh my god! We totally gotta end the lockout now to, like, avoid a tragedy!"


Would Oilers fans really be upset if Lowe decided to quit? Why wait? Quit right now before you do any more damage, Mr. Lowe. Personally, I don’t think Kevin Lowe has done a good job and is the right man for the job. This was always a case of the Oilers ‘nepotism’ of hiring Ex-Oiler alumni...as if this would someway make the fans want to shell out $70 to see a sub-.500 hockey club.

Look, one of the primary reasons the NHLPA (Agents & Lawyers) have ripped a hole in the collective asses of the NHL owners for the past 10 years is basically due to the fact that many NHL clubs are run by unqualified people.

What qualifications does Kevin Lowe have to manage a multi-million dollar entity?

After his playing career, he was only a coach or assistant coach for 3 years before the Oilers made him their GM.

No formal post-seconadary training. No apprenticeship in management of any company whatsoever. No financial background. No background in business... you get the picture.
The guy isn’t qualified to manage a Dairy Queen, much less a professional hockey club.

Why would he quit such a great job (And after he signed a nice 4-year extension last year)?

"I would not do this job for another four years under what I just went through the last four years," Lowe told the Edmonton Journal.
"It was too difficult, too difficult emotionally, spiritually, psychologically."

Translation: "I’m in way over my head in this job, and I’m sick of looking worse than Michael Jackson on a humid Los Angeles Tuesday. If the NHL can’t come up with a strict financial system that makes my job 10 times more easier, then the Oilers should get someone more qualified."

Really, do you want the manager of your club to be saying that his job was too difficult? Inspiring, really...

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