Saturday, November 27, 2004


Dominik Hasek to Trinec?

Some exciting news for Trinec fans as flaky Senators goalie Dominik Hasek apparently wants to play for Trinec in the Czech Extraleague per this DenikSport article.

Hasek will be part of the touring lockout stars that will play an exhibition game in Plzen on December 13th. After that tour is complete, Hasek and the other touring stars will be exploring their options if the lockout cancels the entire season.

Trinec GM Petr Husicka said nothing is concrete in these rumours, but Trinec is very interested in Hasek and has a chance to sign him in the lockout keeps up.

What is interesting is that Trinec's current head coach, Pavel Marek, was Hasek's teammate in 1987 and 1989 when Pardubice was winning Extraleague titles. I wonder how Hasek would like having a former teammate tell him what to do?

Now, I'm not a big Hasek fan (he is the face of evil, after all), but Trinec has always had goaltending issues and Hasek could very well carry them to the playoffs if his groin doesn't snap like a dry elastic band.

There also appears to be another option for Trinec: Roman Malek. The Flyers draftee is apparently on the outs from his Russian Club (Magnitogorsk) and Trinec may want to 'borrow' him from Slavia (who already have strong goaltending).

I hope the hockey gods aren't just playing with me (again), since this lines up some exciting possiblities for Trinec.

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