Thursday, November 18, 2004


Diamonds: A Hockey Player's Best Friend?

(taken from a post)

These championship rings just get gaudier with each passing year.

Just look at this puppy! All the West Coast Rappers ought to be jealous of this ‘Bling’. These monuments were given out in a little ceremony at the NHL offices. No grand ceremony for the Bolts in front of their fans, thanks to the Powers That Be.

"...believed to be worth between $15,000 and $20,000. Each ring has 138 diamonds - one for every point earned during the regular season and two for the 16 postseason victories. Each player's ring has his name, jersey number and the postseason series victories with the opponent's logo (4-3 over the Flames, 4-3 over the Flyers, 4-0 over the Canadiens and 4-1 over the Canadiens). Blue diamonds, a nod to the Lightning's major color, make up the Stanley Cup on the ring. Those diamonds were sent to Israel to be "radiated" - or make them blue."

Given how much time, blood, effort, etc goes into a Stanley Cup, you better milk it for all it’s worth. Still, I can’t imagine wearing that ring on one lone finger without the finger snapping like a stale graham cracker in the Georgia sunshine.

HA! Compared to what's worn by some of the folks that come into the store where I work, that is positively sedate.
That IS a very nice ring!
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