Monday, November 01, 2004


All Hollow's Eve: When Darkness Falls over Czechia

All the action from a not-so-freaky Sunday...

This week's Zlata Helma (Golden Helmet) compilation is a good one, and with a spooky Canucks connection:
(Right-Click and 'Save As' for best results...)

1. Ex-Canuck Jan Hlavac stickhandles up ice like a slalom skier and feeds Ex-Canuck Petr 'Traitor' Nedved for the goal.

2. Tomas Vokoun stacks the pass as he rumbles across the crease to rob the evil Sparta Praha Frankensteins on a goal.

3. Ex-Canuck Martin Rucinsky feeds a sweet cross-ice feed to the mercenary, Robert Reichel.

4. Martin Straka wires a slapper after everyone and their mother thought there would be a penalty call on the play. "Kids, don't stop playing until you hear the whistle!"

5. Ex-Canuck Lubomir Vaic (And you cannot call yourself a Canucks fan if you don't remember this guy!) sets up a nice combination play. Vaic's career NHL stats: 9games, 1 goal, 1 assist. Good times...good times...

6. Canucks forgotten prospect Lukas Mensator shows off one of his 40+ saves from that shutout performance against Litvinov. Here, Mensator robs Jiri "Goomba" Gombar.


Maybe the players are just frustrated by the lockout, but we are seeing an awful lot of fights in the Czech Extraliga these days. Just days after the brawl between Zlin and Vsetin, Jiri Slegr returns from a back injury and decides to drop the gloves. I don't think the fans are too dissappointed. :)

Also, Branko Radivojevic returned from injury and helped Vsetin win another game. After an awful slump, Vsetin has been boosted by the returns of Cechmanek and Radivojevic and have climbed out of the basement.

Now, for the stats...



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