Sunday, October 10, 2004


OSHL Version 1.2a

Although many have proclaimed the OSHL as dead as Disco, it seems the league has risen like the Phoenix from the ashes and will play a short, revamped schedule in Atlantic Canada with some games possibly planned in Ontario in late October.

The OSHL website, as usual, doesn't provide the most detailed information, but it looks like the OSHL has learned from some its earlier mistakes.

Unfortunately for Atlantic Canadians, the OSHL hasn't really announced any chances to the format of on-ice play. Randy Gumbley ought to try and improve the on-ice product to resemble something a little closer to an actual competition, rather than practice shinny.


WHA - One of my recent entries decried the lack of news about the WHA and how it let itself die without a whisper.

Then, one day, we get an announcement that some lumber magnate was looking to buy the WHA as a single entity.

Of course, we've heard *nothing* since then, and the WHA is back to dying an invisible death. I guess this lumber magnate woke up and realized the WHA had no potential.

Want proof? go to the WHA WEBSITE and all you get is:
Website is temporarily offline...

Not even a corpse left...

How will the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cope with losing it's big money maker, Hockey Night in Canada?


Talking head Ron MacLean will host movies from his set in a hockey arena... At least they are trying :). CBC uses the money it makes from HNIC to help fund it's other Canadian projects (That lose money due to low viewership), so we could see some smaller Canadian shows take a hit...not that anyone watches them anyway.

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