Saturday, October 30, 2004


Love Hurts...Even in Russia

Bruins fans won't like this news item at all:

Sergei Gonchar received a head injury during a hockey game today when Magnitogorsk Metallurg played Moscow Dynamo at home. In the offensive end Sergei Gonchar was receiving a pass from Aleksei Kaygorodov but was checked hard by Aleksander Ovechkin. Sergei Gonchar fell on the ice and lost consciousness. He immediately was taken to local hospital with heavy concussion. According to Gennady Velichkin, representative of Metallurg, Sergei regained consciousness and lost it again.

Gonchar spent some time in intensive care after he was brought to the hospital. The concern was that he regained and lost consciousness on the way to hospital. Seemingly, Sergei is ok now. The doctors found no neck or spinal injuries. Sergei says he does not remember how the incindent happened.

Through all of my Extraliga updates, there have been a lot of injuries, of which none have been in the serious nature. Branko Radivojevic's 1 month hiatus is about as bad as it's been for these guys so far.

Gonchar would be the first NHL casualty of a major injury, and, if the injury was serious enough, this could hurt the earnings potential of Gonchar far worse than any salary cap.

Still, the NHL locked out out the players, so they can't really complain about what happens to them now.

PS: How would Caps fans react to the fact that Ovechkin smoked an ex-Cap like Gonchar like a cheap cuban cigar?

I think it's wicked ironic, really--but perhaps I'm the only one who see the irony in it. Hopefully Gonchar will make a full and speedy recovery.
Hey Jes, I'm a Sens fan and am loving Andrej Meszaros... but I never hear anyting about him. I recently found out he's doing pretty well, second in D-scoring or something. Can you write something about him to fill me in?
Being a long time Caps fan, I just hope he's OK. I don't care what the particulars to him being traded are. He always played outstanding and put forth a ton of effort. I hope it was a clean hit. Now if it were Darcy Tucker or Rick Toccet, well.....

See today's post for a video clip of the hit. It looks clean to me.

And to the anonymous person who asked about Meszaros, please send me an email (link on the top left) and I'll answer any questions you have.

- Jes
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