Thursday, September 23, 2004


OSHL in trouble...or just unrealistic expectations?

It looks like the Original Stars Hockey League (OSHL) is in need of a serious tune-up before they get underway. According to various (And sometimes conflicting) news reports, such as this one, the OSHL has suspended the remainder of its exhibition schedule and will start up again on October 7th.

As you would expect with any league that is put together in a hasty manner, the OSHL has run into numerous problems in its exhibition schedule that call into question some of the problems that need to be addressed:

Look, I believe the OSHL is a nice quick-fix diversion during the lockout, and it has potential to be something decent in the short-run. At the same time, the OSHL has greatly overestimated its performance and not done a good enough job promoting itself to the fans.

1. Update the OSHL website daily
2. Lower ticket prices - $15 is decent, but $60? Let�s get real...
3. Tweak the rules � Try and get some semblance of defence into the OSHL. There is a such thing as too much offence. Perhaps getting rid of the penalty-shot-for-a-penalty gimmick would help.
4. Don�t expect big crowds. Sorry, but the fact that you got 2,000 fans to each game is actually pretty good considering high-level AHL hockey has trouble attracting large crowds in places like Hamilton.

When/If the real season starts up again on October 9th, maybe Randy Gumbley will have made the necessary changes to make the OSHL work. We�ll see...

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