Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Goodenow, Bettman go 'National'; Jagr goes Kladno

Got your tomatoes ready?

The CBC�s �The National� will be playing host to Gary Bettman (tonight), and Bob Goodenow (tomorrow). Host Peter �I�m a real� Mansbridge will be asking these two doofuses (or is that Doofii?) questions submitted by you, the plebians. You can go to the website link above and submit your question.

If I were asking, I�d have these simple questions.

�Mr. Bettman, why should the NHLPA and the players have to pay the ultimate price for the stupidity and free-spending habits of the owners and the weak leadership displayed by you? What concessions are you prepared to give the players if you expect them to agree to any kind of �Cost Certainty�?�

�Mr. Bettman, how do you expect the players to accept any kind of �Cost Certainty� with such inconsistent reporting of revenues by all 30 teams?�

�Mr. Bettman, why would a luxury tax not work in your idea of a new CBA? Why shouldn�t the high revenue teams be allowed to spend more if they so wish? Any money they would spend would come out of their profits. Shouldn�t an owner be able to determine how much they are willing to invest into their business?�

�Mr. Goodenow, perhaps if you came down from your ivory tower, you would realize the game of hockey is not very popular is most USA markets, ranking down below lawn darts and PBA Bowling. Why isn�t the NHLPA all that willing to recognize that the league really is in trouble with its finances and that the types of high salaries paid to many of your players just can�t be sustained indefinitely? Are you more concerned with maintaining the high salaries earned by the top 5% of your membership, or are you more concerned with the strength of the league and jobs for all of your members for the indefinite future? Would you really like to see 4-6 teams fold and lose jobs for many of your members?�


Jaromir Jagr is making his debut for Kladno tonight (or this morning, if you are in Vancouver), as you can see in the picture taken not too long ago in their pregame warmup (Thanks to the fine folks who run the much improved www.hctrinec.cz website.
What �great� luck that Jagr makes his debut against Trinec of all teams. Do pice!

Jagr is playing on a line with Kladno�s captain, Radek Gardon, and young Michael Frolik.

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