Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Czechia-Slovakia: Brothers in Defeat

The World Cup of Hockey tournament has not been at all kind to my homeboys from the homeland.

In the 1996 tournament, both the Czech Republic and Slovakia finished with identically putrid 0-3 records.

In 2004, not much has changed...


Czechia took 5 periods, but they finally showed up today in a 4-3 loss to the blondes who gave us Ikea furniture.

When it was 4-0 after 2 periods, I was thinking of all kinds of excuses and rants to write about Team Czechia. Thankfully, the Czechs woke up and made a game out of it when Rucinsky, Zidlicky, and Elias scored in the 3rd period.

Czechia - Is Vladimir Ruzicka the right man for the job?
In my opinion, yes! Ruzicka has done amazing things with HC Slavia of the Czech League. He brought them from the 1st division and turned them into league champions as Coach/GM. Ruzicka was captain of the golden Nagano squad, and has a high level of respect amongst the players and media that Hlinka enjoyed. I expect the Czechs to play a lot better for all 60 minutes in their match against the Krauts.

Sweden - Pundits have lauded Team Sweden as a favourite to win Gold at this tournament, but I don't see it happening with their goaltending.

Luckily, it only took the Swedes 1 game to realize that Tommy Salo is no longer a legitimate #1 keeper on any team with winning aspirations.
Unfortately, the Swedes have put their faith in a goalie who can't even beat Trevor Kidd and his goatee for the Leafs' backup job.


Canada 5 - Slovensko 1

It just looks worse and worse for Slovakia as they were without another star, Richard Zednik, in their match against the powerhouse Canadians.

(Food poisoning? Zednik should know better than to eat the Poutine in Montreal.)

When Canada loses a star like Ed Jovanovski, they have a great replacement like Scott Hannan to step in.

When Slovakia loses a star like Richard Zednik, they have scrubs like Martin Cibak as replacements.

The lack of depth was previlent in tonight's game and Slovakia was throughly dominated. I'm quite upset that Stana got the start over the much-more-proven Jan Lasak. Stana didn't make the key stops early in the game, and Canada pretty much cruised after 2 early goals.

If Slovakia is going to go for gold, Jan Lasak has to be the man in the nets. Slovakia isn't going to win the gold with Stana in nets.

I'm just feeling a bit ashamed that Canada dominated so damn easily. Now I have to deal with the cocky sector of the Canadian fanbase razzing me over this 'effort'

Chara had such pretty assists on the two Canadian goals.

Why did Hossa and Satan switch their numbers?
Satan is Captain and has seniority. Therefore, Satan gets his first choice of uniform numbers and he prefers #18 with the national team.

Since Hossa chooses his number later, he has to settle for the inverse #81
In my Slovak hockey jersey, I too am upset that the Slovaks or Czechs can't put up notches in the "W" column.

But it's the spotlight that counts, if it interests more people in those countries about hockey, then they will continue to grow and get better on the national stage.

Rome was not built in a day.

How about Team Germany. They can't build an entire roster out of NHLers, but with time and the DEL will continue to develop the German hockey brand.

Go Slovakia! :)
Therefore, Satan gets his first choice of uniform numbers and he prefers #18 with the national team.

Ah, I just thought it was odd that Satan wears #81 for the Sabres and Hossa #18 for the Sens, but vice versa in international hockey, but I guess they have their odd superstitions.
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