Monday, September 06, 2004


Canada to be Slovaked

The Slovaks finished the preliminary round 0-3 with a goals scored/goals against ratio of 4/13 after a 5-2 loss to the suddenly inspired and gritty Russian squad.

The Slovaks have clearly been overmatched in every game so far, and their effort has been clearly shameful.

Coach Jan Filc now seems to be more focused on making Slovakia's defense even better, which is like trying to make Rosie O'Donnell more of a supermodal.

It ain't going to work.

As long as Filc and the Slovaks continue to work away from their strength (offense and speed), the Slovak players will continue to flail away helplessly and show the disjointed effort we've seen in all 3 games thus far.

Entering the playoff round, the Slovaks have to face Canada yet again. This could get ugly...


The Canadian media, of course, are trying to make some story out of the Slovakia-Canada match.

Slovakia: Canada's Belarus? - If Slovakia beats Canada, it would be an upset of sorts. However, there is a big difference between a legit team like Slovakia and a B-group like Belarus. Talk about mailing it in...

Apparently, Pat Quinn can't sleep at night over nightmares of Team Slovakia - Riiiiight. It would be nice if Pat Quinn pulled a Brett Hull and gave us a real quote such as "Who gives a rat's ass about Slovakia? They couldn't beat a congo drum!"


Speaking of Brett Hull, you can always count on a good quote or two from the Golden Bratt:

"Got a minute to talk to reporters, Brett?" Hull was asked in a corridor outside the dressing room.

"What would I have to talk about?" he replied.

"Fans want to know how you're doing," said the reporter.

"I don't give a (deleted) about the fans anymore," said Hull.

Bratt is clearly upset because, for the first time in his life, he is being benched due to an inability to score.

Memo to Brett: Rather than hang around high in the slot for one of your patented one-timers, why not actually go into the corners and help out a little?

Hull claimed he was always smarter than everyone else, so prove it big boy!

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