Sunday, August 29, 2004


Slovakia-Russia: 0-0

"Bezg�lov� rem�za Slov�kov s Ruskom"

Any way you say it, there was less scoring than Gilbert Godfried at a lesbian wedding.

Instead of the high-scoring and weak-defensive team that most expected, the Slovaks have been the beneficiaries of superb goaltending and a lack of scoring, resulting in a team that more resembles the Minnesota Wild.

Lasak most likely stole his #1 job back with a 35-save effort in front of a sparse Corel Centre Crowd. Slam! has the details here.

With yet another unfortunate injury to Peter Bondra (Thumb), and the return of Richard Zednik, Slovakia had some new line combos against the ex-Communists.


Lintner - Ch�ra
L. Visnovsk�-�trb�k

Mari�n Hossa, Demitra, G�bor�k
Zedn�k, St�mpel, Satan
Som�k, Cib�k, Bartecko
Orsz�gh, M. Hlinka, Radivojevic

Quite suddenly, the 3rd and 4th units are purely defensive oriented and can't be counted on so much for an offensive push.

Wednesday night, Canada and Slovakia will meet for a game that actually counts.

Edit: According to a breaking news item on, Ronald Petrovicky will replace Peter Bondra. OUCH!!

It's always been strange to me how different Ronald and brother Robert (1st round pick of the Whalers who never could stick in the NHL) are. Ronald has little offensive skills in comparison to Robert, but has about 10 times more grit, heart, and determination. If you combined the two, you'd have a star!

Geoff and Russ Courtnall were also dissimilar, but both were so highly skilled and successful in their own way.


Despite his greediness, Alexei Yashin is proud to don the Russki hockey sweater. Reminds me a lot of Robert Reichel who never breaks a sweat in his NHL games, but would play with a broken spleen for his country. Why is it these money-lovers play harder when they don't get paid much??

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