Sunday, August 01, 2004


Hitting the Links

With the hockey news very slow as of late, and the sunny long weekend here in Vancouver, I thought it would be a good time to update the links section on the left-hand side of the page.

These are all sites I visit on a regular basis, and they have some quality stuff. When you are done visiting here, I'd suggest you check them out for some good stuff.


In relevant news today, Gonchar and Kubina were the first two arbitration hearings scheduled for today.

Kubina - Wants $3.7mil and was offered $3.0mil/year for 3 years. Looking at his production in the past 2 seasons (35 and 22 points), I don't expect he'd get the $3.7mil that he wants. I would predict no more than $3.25mil for next season.

Gonchar - Arbitators love offensive numbers, and Gonchar has more numbers than a racket.

03-04: 71GP 11-47-58
02-03: 82GP 18-49-67
01-02: 76GP 26-33-59

Gonchar made $3.65mil last season, and when he sees a guy like Pronger get $10mil, you know he's in for a BIG raise.
Gonchar is no Pronger, but he's the #1 offensive blueliner in the game today.
I wonder if the Bruins would consider walking away if he got a big award? Now, that might be enough to finally cause a riot in Beantown (If they can peel themselves away from the Red Sox games long enough to care).

I hope Sinden isnt reading your blog.
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