Wednesday, July 07, 2004


The Q Continuum

Coach Q, Joel Quenneville, didn't take long to find employment in the NHL, as the Avs punted Granato down the corporate ladder and gave Q the reigns.

I am big fan of Coach Q, of course, so if I were an Avs fan, I'd be pretty pumped about this (And then I would proceed to rip my brain out, since I wouldn't need it).

Or, as insane Sabres fan 'smike' put it...

"Imagine, paying up to seventy million bucks in talent then going cheap on the coach. Definition of stoooopid, eh? With predictable results, I would add.

Good move."

Lacroix's infatuation with Granato hasn't ended, however, as Cammi Granato's big bro is still going to remain around as an assistant coach.

To quote the 25th letter of the Alphabet,


I know Granola wasn't qualified to be the head coach in the first place, but why risk poisoning the culture of the dressing room?

If you were promoted, and then your employer told you, "Sorry, your not good enough. We're demoting you and replacing you with somebody better," would you want to stick around?

If that happened to me, I'd spend my working hours surfing and polishing my resume.

I can't imagine that Granato will be all that thrilled with being demoted. Would the players lose some respect for his authority?

Sure, it worked somewhat for Larry Robinson in New Jersey, but his personality seemed a lot more quiet and introverted than that of Granato's.

Why take the chance, Lacroix? It's like sucking the poison out of wound, but leaving the fangs inside the skin.

One note of caution to Avs fans, though.

One of Coach Q's failing in St. Louis was his double-standards for his stars and his 'other' players, at least according to the reputation he developed.

While Tkachuk, Weight, Pronger, Demitra, and MacInnis weren't held accountable for some of their 'failings', Q held his 'other' players to stricter standards. Not only did this lead to the stars (except Big Mac, because he's the bomb) developing some undisciplined habits, but it aliented his 'other' players and a fractured team is not a successful team.

On a team like the Avs, with a few bright stars and a bunch of Garbage Pail Kids, he runs the risk of falling into the same trap.

He's a good coach...he's a smart dude...but he needs to hold his stars accountable.

Oh, and since he's now amongst the enemy... I hope he rots in hell!!


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