Monday, July 19, 2004


Money Players: An Insider's Look

Have you ever wondered why some NHL GM�s throw ludicrous amounts of money on free agents, and why players sell themselves out so heartlessly to the highest bidder? We don�t often get an inside look at the �agent� game, as it were.

I came across a nice excerpt of a book "Money Players: How Hockey's Greatest Stars Beat the NHL at Its Own Game," by Bruce Dowbiggin, which was posted on here, on

This excerpt details the events of July 1st, 2002, with an insider�s look at the wheelings and dealings or agent Mike Gillis, who represents Robert �Bobby� Holik and Tony Amonte.

It also delves a bit into Gillis� background, including a legal battle with Alan Eagleson over insurance money and legal fees, which was the beginning of the end for Eagleson�s reign.

If you have some time, I would highly suggest that you give it a read. Some of the notable aspects from this excerpt include...

Overall an interesting read, covering many different issues. If I ever buy another hockey book, this would be an interesting one to purchase.

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