Thursday, July 22, 2004


Mediot of the Day: Don Romani

So, I was cruising through the news this morning when I stumbled across this story about Tie Domi suing radio personality, Don Romani and the station over some remarks Romani made about Domi and his wife.

In the land of the hockey media, especially in the realm of talk radio, there are far too many �personalities� who see it fit to make themselves the story, rather than the game of hockey itself.

Case in point: Don �Dandyman� Romani

So, what is Domi so upset about?

According to Domi's statement of claim, Romani went on the air on April 6 and said, "I'll bet you his idea of aerobics is to bang her around once a week. Well, lookit, you think a man would go after Magnus Arvedson would not go after a woman? Same thing ... same thing."

"One would suspect that she could take a good punch," added Romani, according to the statement.

Now, I think Domi is a hypocritical whiny shill, but even he and his (rather hot) wife didn�t deserve this BS.

As much as I can often see the humour in any situation, and as dark as my sense of humour really is, I don�t find anything the least bit funny about what Romani said.

What the hell was he thinking? Did Romani honestly think this would be funny, and that he wouldn�t be punished for it?

And you have to question the intelligence of a broadcaster who calls himself �Dandyman�. Does he fight crime at night?

And what about the �corporate� apology by CHUM:

"The Team 1200 regrets comments made by host Don Romani regarding Tie Domi and a member of his family," station owner CHUM said in a statement. "Mr. Romani regrets making inappropriate comments and has publicly apologized to Mr. Domi and his family."

I don�t recall hearing about a public apology from Romani, and it would be typical if he hid behind his station and their lawyers.

As for the lawsuit itself, if anyone comes out of this whole incident damaged, it�s Romani.

For one thing, he lost his job, and may have really FUBARed his future employment chances. (Although, it seems controversial loudmouths, who know very little, always seem to find a job elsewhere).

And, if there is a man that I would view as a wife-beater, it would be Romani. Who else, other than a buffoon with a lack of respect for women, would come out and say such cavemanish BS over the airwaves?

Don Romani: Ass-clown

A word of advice...

When this convicted of an opinion it's best to go all the way and say.. "bullshit".

You're welcome.

And again.. I don't trust a radio station that call letters spell out "chum"... It sounds like they should be the Sharks radio network. ;)
Romani oughta WORK in a battered women's facility as a condition of his sentence. This was just totally, totally uncalled for.
Romani is a wonderful husband and father, and has never laid a hand on his family. He's always gone to the end to help his family out, as most of us Italian people do.

Romani donated money to two separate batters womens associations.

He was not fired, he left on his own. They had offered him another spot on the station, and he thought it was best that he left for good.

Tie Domi just lost all credit, because he committed adultery, and cheated on his wife for several years...

Maybe Romani wasn't far off on his comments about Tie.

Honestly is really isn't a big deal, but because it was somebody in the Battle of Ontario, and a crappy player at that, it got blown way out of proportion.

Donnie is an extremely brilliant sports person and much more knowledageable than 90% of the world when it comes to sports.

So all of your comments are uncalled for!!
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