Thursday, July 08, 2004


Just call them the "Three Stooges"

Canucks GM Dave Nonis finally awoke from his summer hibernation and signed three new free agents for the Canucks.

Unfortunately, those free agents are Wade Flaherty, Lee Goren, and first round bust Jonathan Aitken.

So, if you are one of the 116 fans of the Manitoba Moose, you must be thrilled. For us Canucks fans, this ranks up there with the waiver claim of Wade Brookbank and the free agent signing of Troy Crowder.

I know Nonis is a smart guy, and he's great at negotiating contracts, but many Canucks fans don't have a lot of confidence in this guy. So far, he's signed 3 negligble scrubs, offered Cloutier a QO, and missed the boat on Lalime. Are the Canucks going to spend another offseason going backwards while other teams move ahead?

Of course, if Nonis signs Demitra, I'll give up my first-born and all will be forgiven.


It doesn't help matters that super-squirt Brandon Reid has signed with Hamburg of the Deutsch Bierliga. Reid was pissed because the Canucks often passed him up when it came time for promotions.

Note to Reid: You are a shrimp, you don't score enough, and your defense sucks. Maybe if you kept yourself in the AHL and improved your play, you'd have a better chance at an NHL career.

I hope he likes bratwurst.

Of course, if Nonis signs Demitra, I'll give up my first-born and all will be forgiven.


According to this Q&A, it was Granato's idea to hire Q.

Of course Granato would have liked to have continued as the head coach, but he had no problem handing over the reins to someone like Quenneville.

In fact, it was his idea.

"I felt strongly with the people available and the opportunity to get Joel on the coaching staff, I recommended to Pierre and he felt the same way," said Granato, who was 73-33-17-11.

"I was very proud of the way things went, but when there's a hole in your staff and you have a chance to get better behind the bench I think any organization would look to do what's best for the organization."

Well my Sony BS-Detector 2000 is flashing a bright red. I just can't picture Granato walking into Lacroix's office and saying "Pierre, I'm doing a pretty crappy job. Why don't you hire Quenneville instead?"

At the very least, Granato seems OK with the idea, so he won't be planting daggers in Q's back.

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