Friday, July 09, 2004


"I married The Devil, and all I got was this lousy prenup!"

Assorted news from the Homeland:

1. Sorry ladies, but the world's most eligible lord of Darkness is engaged.

Miro Satan is set to marry Ingrid Smolinska, an opera singer (Edit: Yeah, I said Doctor, but my Slovak ain't THAT great) from Bojnice. She looks good in "Devilish Red", eh?

2. The Ottawa Senators have offered canoneer Peter Bondra a new 2-year contract, at a reduced salary from what he used to be making. In the event of a lockout, Bondra would play for his hometown team of Poprad. Poprad is a pretty poor team (Financially), so I hope he plays for free.

3. Lubomir Sekeras, formerly of the Minnesota Wild and Dallas Stars, has agreed to a contract with the Nurimberg Ice Tigers of the Deutsch Bierliga. He'll wear his familiar #77, and he doesn't expect to see the NHL ice again.

He could still be a useful defenseman in the NHL, but he prefers the lifestyle of Europe together with the fact he won't be a bit player like he was in Dallas.

4. The Headline reads, "The end of the Hasek Fighting Affair". Dom Hasek got away almost scot-free with his assault on, as the courts said his fine of 2000 crowns (about 67$ CDN) was enough of a punishment.

Yeah, that'll teach him. Getting away with a crime isn't just for American celebrities.

The maximum fine that he could get was 3000 crowns, or about $100 CDN. For a guy like Hasek, all that will do is lighten his change purse.

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