Monday, June 07, 2004


Wake Me Up Inside

Like a Catholic confession, Game 7 of the finals is a great way for any player to be forgiven of all their past sins and indiscretions; Bad penalties, indifferent play, and blown defensive coverage can all be forgiven and forgotten with a timely goal (or three) in the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!! �.

While the focus of the media is on the usual suspects (St. Louis, Iginla, Khabibulin), it�s the guys who have done nothing who could ultimately decide the series in 7th Heaven .

Just ask Oilers fans: Who needs Mark Messier when you have Peter frickin� Klima, baby???

Here are a few quiet chaps who have a capital chance of joining Petr Klima and Randy Gregg in playoff immortality tonight.

Cup Finals stats in parenthesis

The well-paid vets:

1. Craig Conroy (6 0-1-1 +2 8 SOG)
Conroy may be great on the talk radio circuit, but he should focus more on providing offense. Despite playing over 20 minutes a game on a line with Jerome �MVP� Iginla, Conroy has only managed to pick up an accidental lone assist in the series. Hey Craig, �Less Show, More Row�.

2. Cory Stillman (5 0-0-0 Even 4SOG)
After a mirage of a great regular season, Stillman is back to his old habit of disappearing in big games. With just 6 points in 20 playoff games, it�s no small wonder why Tortarella benched Stillman for Game 5.
Stillman responded with some gusto in Game 6, but will need to actually break a sweat in Game 7 if he is to be a positive factor for the Frightning.

3. Fredrik Modin (6 1-1-2 -3)
With the Flames defense on the limp, Modin is the perfect candidate to use his size to expose the gimped-up Flames defense. While the Flamers have put big pressure on the Lightning�s D, Modin and many of the Bolts haven�t been doing the same to Calgary�s D. Modin is the type of player that should be having a greater impact in such a series.

The young whipper-snappers:

Two young guys with hidden offensive skills that could just explode in Game 7 (The resulting mess would turn the Tampa Bay ice into a raspberry Slurpee, which would make for some interesting hockey).

4. Chuck Kobasew (6 0-0-0 +1 1SOG)
Chucky Cheese didn�t break the lofty 20-point barrier in the regular season, but he�s got the past pedigree for monster offensive production. You can�t count on a guy like Kobasew to be a big point producer over the long haul (especially with just 10 minutes of ice time per game), but in a 1-game sample size, Kobasew definitely has the offensive-zone instincts to put a few points on the board. It would help greatly if he would SHOOT THE DAMN PUCK!

(PS: Note to stupid mediots: It�s not pronounced �KO-BA-SOO�)

5. Dmitry Afanasenkov (6 0 0 0 -1 7SOG)
�Skanky�, like Kobasew, was an explosive CHL scorer and had some nice numbers in the minors before cementing a regular job as Dave �Chucky� Andreychuk�s sidekick. 3 points in 22 playoff games just doesn�t cut it, and it�s not as if Dmitry doesn�t get his chances (13:28 of ice-time per game). All sins would be forgiven if he suddenly had a 4 point outing, or even just 1 damn goal.

Of course, if either Chris Dingman or Krzysztof Oliwa end up being the Game 7 hero, they could keep themselves in the NHL for another 10 years, despite the fact that they have no discernable hockey skills.

Oliwa "The Polish Hammer" can fight. That's enough hockey skill. *wink*
Oliwa "The Polish Hammer" can fight. That's enough hockey skill. *wink*
And I'm guessing that the title of your post comes from that Evanescence song, eh?
Yeah, that song is stuck in my head.

Perhaps Oliwa can enter that Fighting contest, although he'd get his ass handed to him by Tony Twist.
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