Saturday, June 19, 2004


Slovakian Golden Puck Award Winners Announced

The Slovak Hockey Federation has handed out it's own awards to the best and brightest in Slovak hockey, otherwise known as the Golden Puck Awards.

For the third straight year, Miro "Captain Slovakia" Satan was named the best player, although it was a close race this year due to his struggles during the regular season.

The Award Winners:

Best Player: Miroslav Satan
Best Forward (not named Miroslav Satan): Michal Handzus
Best Defenseman: Zdeno Chara
Best Goaltender: Jan Lasak
Best Slovak League Player: Zdeno Ciger (Remember him?)
Best Coach: Dusan Gregor (HK Trencin)

The Slovak Extraliga All-Star team was also named.

G - Karol Krizan (Zvolen) - They kall him 'Krazy Karl'
D - Andrej Meszaros (Trencin) - Top Slovak prospect for the 2004 Entry Draft
D - Petr Pavlas (Slovan) - The yang to Meszaros' ying, Pavlas is pretty ancient and revived his career with a move from the Czech Republic.
F - Roman Kukumberg (Trencin) - Top Slovak overager for the 2004 Entry Draft
F - Martin Bartek (Zvolen) - Came back from the ECHL to rip a hole in the league.
F - Peter Fabus (Trencin) - Former Coyotes draft pick that flopped in the AHL.

Really, not a lot of surprises here, as the fans and media had the choices pretty much made up for them.

Wow. Thanks for this story. It would've totally flown under my radar so to speak had you not posted it on your blog.

Nice sounding award name too. "Golden Puck" awards.

I guess it's kind of the equivalent to MLB's "Gold Glove" awards.

Lasak didn't play much in the NHL this year. He may not have at all. I use his name on the Playstation EA Sports game all the time for Team Slovakia. That game has helped me know more rosters than I ever hoped to follow.

The Pens once had a prospect named Petr Hamarlik. They let him go because they probably thought we were deep enough in goal. Too bad that didn't work out.
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