Monday, June 21, 2004


It's Getting Drafty in Here!

Sorry for the lame title, but here are some more draft goodies for my peeps. still hasn't posted my Slovak Preview Part II, so we'll have to wait...

The profile pages for Andrej Meszaros (MEH-sah-roesh), and Juraj Gracik (GRAH-cheek) have been updated. I'm working on the others, and they'll be posted throughout the week.'s hockey expert, Bob McKenzie has his annual Top 50 Rankings. I am really quite surprised to see that he has Alvaro Montoya(4) ranked ahead of Marek Schwarz(6) amongst the goaltender ranks. McKenzie knows his stuff, and the list is a good read.

Note to CHL GM's regarding Marek Schwarz: Don't bother drafting him. Schwarz told the Czech media that he has no intention of coming to the CHL, as he wants another year in the Czech Extraliga (With HC Trinec, hell yeah!)

From this picture of top prospect Alex Ovechkin, you can see why the girls love hockey players. Damn, I need to stop eating so many pretzels.

And speaking of lady killers, we present Michal Handzus, the Slovak Michael Bolton.

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