Monday, June 07, 2004


Afanasenkov - The Beast Awakens!

Leave it up to the Ukrainian to carry the Lightning offensively ;). 2-0 after 2, can the Flames pull off another miracle?

Like the other guys I mentioned earlier, Fedotenko has been fairly quiet offensively this series (2 points and -1 in 5 games), and has been the victim of some unwanted plastic surgery.

Tonight, however, he's been in the right place at the right time, and now has 12 goals in 22 playoff games!!

Say what you will about the Pitkanen for Fedotenko draft-day deal (In which the Flyers still got better value), but the Lightning won't regret one iota of that deal if they hang onto this 2-0 lead.

Stillman (about god damn time) and Modin each have 1 assist, and Brad Richards (1 assist) has likely cemented the Conn Smythe trophy if the Bolts hold on.


Onto the 3rd!

Yea.. Congrats to Tampa Bay. They wanted it more!
There was a lot of blood going on in that arena.. St. Louis and Fedotenko were bloody.
Calgary will be back and definitely seed higher than 6th place or wherever they started from. Kiprusoff should become a star goalie.
Stupid Penalties.. right down to the last minute of the game.
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