Thursday, May 27, 2004


Grant Fuhr, Canadian PGA Tour Pro...almost

NHL Hall of Fame goaltender Grant Fuhr was pretty damn close to getting his CPGA tour card, but had to screw it up with a scorecard error.

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Fuhr's card said he shot a 76 on Wednesday, but he had actually fired a 77. The discrepency was on the 17th hole, where Fuhr's card said he made a par. He had actually made a bogey.

Now, if tournament officials are keeping track of the scores, why do players need to keep their own scorecards? In this case, however, Fuhr apparently was honest enough to tell the tournament officials about his error.

More proof, kids, that honesty never gets you anywhere in life ;)

We often hear about how certain pro athletes (especially Mario Lemieux) are such great golfers and could be good enough to make the grade professionally. None of them has ever been able to make the grade, however.

It�s a shame that Fuhr�s dream had to end in such a way, as he would have given the CPGA tour a great publicity boost and given the CPGA tour a big �name� to follow.

Fuhr will be given some tour exemptions, but it won�t be the same. I hope he isn�t too discouraged from trying again next year.

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