Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Der Kommisar's in town, whoa uh oh..

If Gary Buttmann were shot in the head, he'd probably turn the situation around and say that the extra oxygen getting into his brain was a good thing.

From, Buttman is up to his old shtick

On a day in which the NHL announced a U.S. TV contact with NBC that has no money up front and a new cable agreement with ESPN worth half the former deal, the league's commissioner was all smiles.

``The future for us on (U.S.) national television couldn't be more bright,'' Bettman said. ``We couldn't be more thrilled.''

The NHL's two-year deal with NBC is the same type of revenue-sharing agreement the network has with the Arena Football League. NBC will take the first chunk of income from advertising to cover production expenses, the NHL takes the next chunk and the two split additional revenue equally.

Couldn't be more bright?
No guarantee money, and a television contact on par with the Arena Football League??
There is no way that hockey can be considered on par with Baseball, Football, or Basketball in the USA.

I just hope NBC decides to make a real go of this thing and plough some serious marketing into there NHL games. If they do, then NBC can profit big and the NHL can get some $$ back.
Otherwise, this is a big step backwards, no matter how much Glade Buttmann sprays on the media.

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