Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Canucks Can GM Dave Nonis

Well, my day was certainly brightened when I heard the news that Dave "No Balls" Nonis was canned as GM (and various other inflated titles) of the Vancouver Canucks.

Finally, some good news around here! The poor Vancouver Giants were knocked out of the WHL playoffs :(

So, Nonis is gone, and now rumours are floating about who will be his replacement ... Brian Burke, Ken Holland, Jim Nill ... basically, a lot of people around here are doing a lot of dreaming.

I just really hope it's not a promotion for Steve "Tamborine", since he's part of the old guard that helped put the Canucks in the muck they are in.

Now, I don’t want to totally kick Nonis while he is down. The man is obviously very bright and was a good soldier for the Canucks for many years.

  • Nonis was great as an Assistant GM (a position which he is much more suited for) under Brian Burke, negotiating contracts and doing the heavy legal work. If I were hiring an assistant GM, Nonis would be near the top of my list.

  • Yes, we know Mike Keenan was desperate to get Todd Bertuzzi, but give Nonis props for one of the most lopsided trades in NHL history. Pilfering Luongo out of Florida will always be Nonis' legacy.

  • Yet, in the end, Nonis could just not get the job done. The team continued to get worse and worse and doesn't exactly have a bright future looming over the horizon.

    Everyone and their mother knew the Canucks needed offensive help this off-season, and then he goes out and signs Brad Isbister and Byron Ritchie. WTF?

    Marc Chouinard? That's the type of low-skilled player Nonis is notorious for signing, and a big reason why the Canucks are loaded with lots of B-grade talent.

    The Canucks have a lot of salary cap room this off-season, which is why now is the perfect time to get a GM who is assertive and has a plan. Nonis was simply too content to stay with the core group that was left to him, and too afraid to make any real changes to the roster, save for the Luongo deal. The new owners could obviously see that Nonis is not the guy you want when big decisions have to be made.

    Nonis, to me, is a great business executive, but a poor hockey man. An NHL GM needs to be an astute hockey man, or have staff on hand that are. Nonis doesn't appear to be a wise judge of hockey talent, and lacked the staff on hand to support his weakness. The Canucks' scouting department is definitely below-average, and wasn't giving Nonis enough to work with in terms of talent evaluation. Very few good NHL GM's lack the talent evaluation aspect that Nonis appears to have.

    So, today is a good day for Canucks fans, and let us hope that Nonis' replacement will know how to fix this club.

    Don't feel too bad for Nonis ... he'll land on his feet. He's got too much knowledge of the business side of things to be unemployed for long.

    Wayne's World: Our Southern Correspondent chips in.

    The Vancouver 'Nucks fired their GM yesterday; when the hell will Atlanta Spirit get off their collective asses and fire Waddell and McCrimmon...after the Hawks get swept by the Celtics, so that they can get the big broom out and can everybody with both teams???

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if Waddell comes back as GM, I'm not rooting for the Thrasher next season...

    Well, the Thrashees have let it be well known that Waddell's job is safe. I guess Wayne will have to join another bandwagon next season.

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    I am one of those who thinks that Aquilini acted hastily.

    Nonis didn`t obtain us a scorer this season. He, for whatever reason, didnt get us help in the preseason or during the season. I applauded him for not trading away our assets at the trade deadline for a rental because this current team wasn`t going to make it.

    However, look at some of those contracts - Naslund, Morrison that were hamstringing the team. Look at the defense injuries - that was Nonis` fault?

    Nonis did get us Luongo. He traded away deadweights Cloutier and Bertuzzi. He got us Mitchell. He whiffed on Kopitar in the draft, but his scouts got us Edler. He kept Kesler and signed Burrows. Unlike other GMs, he didn`t squander draft picks and young talent and we have many good players signed for well below market value. With Naslund gone, we had lots of money to obtain some good scorers up front and surplus defense to trade if needed.

    And he gets axed.

    Sorry, I`d have given him one more year to see what he could do with REAL cap room. Right now, we are in limbo. We have probably lost Bunnestrom (or however you spell it). With Nonis gone, the jobs of the scouts and coach are in jeopardy. Not the best way to be rebuilding the team's management from the top down.
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