Friday, June 08, 2007


No Stanley Cup Parade for Anaheim

by Jes

If you thought the New Jersey Devils holding a Stanley Cup 'parade party' in a parking lot was bad, check out what the Ducks are doing.

There won't be a Stanley Cup parade in Anaheim, although it won't be because of traffic issues. Instead, there will be a rally at the Honda Center tomorrow night, if the locals haven't already forgotten about this Stanley Cup victory.

So, how are the Ducks spinning this?

"We want to make sure the fans have a way to celebrate and acknowledge the players who brought this championship to Orange County," said city spokesman John Nicoletti.

"We always take our cue from the team, and the team wanted to make sure the celebration and grand arrival of the players is concurrent," he said. "This gives everybody the opportunity to be in one place."

Oh, won't be hard to gather 145 fans in one place, will it? *snark*

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I dunno, Jes. I suppose tradition is getting broken, but I for one am looking forward to tomorrow's parking lot event, probably more than if it were an actual parade that just passed me by.

Anyway, maybe I'm way off in my thinking, but I'll know better tomorrow night.
Too much bitterness for one post.

Stop mentioning fan bases and figures and maybe, just MAYBE, the extension of that (the elitism that comes with being a large-market NHL fan) will one day disappear.
Maybe they just want to save gas. It has to be more expensive in southern California than most other places in the country.
When the Canes took the Cup last year they had a parade around the RBC Center and the turnout was terrific - 30,000 strong. It was also hotter than hell that day. I stayed home and watched the substantial local coverage on TV.

They also had a parade through downtown Raleigh near the state capital and gave out free ice cream. I didn't go because half of downtown is torn up due to construction of new hotels and apartments, but the people who live and work near there got a chance to see the Cup when they normally wouldn't have.
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