Thursday, November 02, 2006


11/02/06: Thursday's Thoughts

Round the hockey world we go...

1. The Todd Bertuzzi/Alex Bald/Bryan Allen for Roberto Luongo and Lukas Don't Krajicek is looking better with each passing day. Robo is giving us the goaltending we expect, Krajicek looks so smooth and confident and has a lot more potential than Vanilla Ice Allen, and we got rid of a huge tumour.

Now, it seems Todd Bertuzzi's back is causing him problems. This is most likely the effect of carrying the Canucks on his shoulders for so many years.


TSN reports:
Florida Panthers forward Todd Bertuzzi underwent surgery Thursday to repair a herniated disc.

Head coach and GM Jacques Martin said that Bertuzzi would be re-evaluated next week. The star winger is expected to be out six to eight weeks.

Bertuzzi has sat out since sustaining back spasms against Washington on October 18. After receiving treatment and injections for the injury, he decided to undergo surgery.
Not that Bertuzzi was doing great things anyway. Sure, he had 7 points in 7 games, but 4 of those points came in the season-opening game against the woeful Bruins, and his usual attention to defense was evident in his -3. Anyone outside of Yaletown *sucks* missin the guy? Probably not.

2. Alanah Banana over at VCOE is having a little brainstorming session to come up with nicknames for some of the Canucks players. I added in a few new ones and golden oldies, especially a new moniker for Jan Bulis: JAN USELESS!

It's mean, cruel, and spiteful, but it's pretty much true.
In 13 games, Bulis has had a boatload of ice time and has just 2 goals and 4 assists, mainly from breathing the same air as our emotionless, yet talented, Swedes.

Useless has also picked up Brendan Morrison Disease and has 9 minor penalties in those 13 games. He's not scoring, his defense isn't great, his work ethic wavers, and he takes bad penalties. He's basically Jarkko Ruutu without the mouth.

3. What do these rich players do with all of their dough? Buy stock in Microsoft? Invest in Spice Girls collectable cards? No, these boys like their toys, especially Mr. Potatohead.

On any given day off, Gaborik will hop into the seat of his state-of-the-art race-car simulator -- one of only two built by CXC Simulations.

The simulator is modeled from actual high-performance race cars and Gaborik insists is as close to real as it gets. The seat moves and shakes with the driver and the graphics take you to the Italian Grand Prix in the very same Ferrari driven by champion Michael Schumacher.

“The guy who built it for me had Indy pro race car drivers drive it and they said it was pretty close,” Gaborik said. “It’s unbelievable. I love that thing. It’s so much fun.”
And, unlike Dany Heatley, there is no risk of injury and/or loss of life.

(cheap shot, low blow, yes I know)

4. Apparently, some asshole lawyer in Quebec wants a Team Quebec at the upcoming World Championships.

I also want a bag of dill pickle potato chips, Pavol Demitra on the Vancouver Canucks, and a lifetime supply of Cuban dark rum, but you don't see me holding press conferences about it.

Earth to asshole lawyer, nobody cares what you want. All it would take is for someone like Roberto Luongo to say publicly what a dumbass idea this Team Quebec is to pretty much deflate that tire.

5. Let's end on a positive note, shall we?
Here is JP's (of Japers' Rink) favourite music video of all time. Enjoy!

Nice try, Jes, but I'm not going to help boost your sister's music career by linking back to this post.
Hey now, Eva Pal isn't fat, she's just 'meaty'.

And I don't have a sister. C'mon JP, don't shy away from your love of EuroDisco. It's better than any U2 song!
For chrissakes.... I haven't been called 'alanah banana' since grade 7.
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