Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have a sudden craving for Fish Sticks's Page 2 is running the UNI WATCH HALL OF SHAME, which is a great way to offend your eyeballs with some of the worst uniforms in North American sports history.

One of the entries for hockey is the Captain Highliner design that the New York Islanders once wore back when Ziggy Palffy and Travis Green were an item.

This much we know: During the mid-1990s, lots of fans at the Nassau Coliseum were requesting vomit buckets. What's still unclear is whether they were reacting to the cheesy Gorton's fisherman logo or the seasickness-inducing trim and typography (which really deserve a closer look). Either way, a true classic.
Although I've made fun of these unis many times, I actually have a soft spot for these uniforms and absolute loved them when they first came out. The mix of the strange-ass font, crazy-ass waves, and just general WTF factor turned them into the good-bad kind of uniforms. They are so bad that they are good! C'mon, I know I'm not the only one who would have loved to shell out $250 for one of these babies!

Ziggy Palffy scored a lot of chicks wearing this!

Bruce Driver looks on in envy

Feeling dizzy?

Jes, I was prepared to crown either the Captain Highliner or the LA Kings "Burger King" design as the undisputed champ of hideous sweaters in the NHL, until today, when, in searching for photos of the aforementioned monstrosities, I happened upon a sweater I'd never seen before...a sweater so ugly it may cause you to question the existence of good in this world.

I give you the St. Louis Blues never-used third jersey:

That Blues shirt looks wicked! Compared to that the old Phoenix jersey look as sweet as The Rangers third jerseys.

I agree Jes that I'm not totally against the Islanders Jersey, only because that's the only memory I have of Niclas Anderssons NHL career.

Now THAT is truly hideous.
That's the type of uniform that somebody on LSD might design. We're going to have to disqualify it, though, because the Blues never actually wore them. :)

Give it up for Mike Keenan for doing something right during his Blues tenure (besides the fluke trade for Demitra, a guy he takes credit for but had no idea about during the trade)
I'm surprised Jes that you didn't correct the glaring error about the Vancouver jersey back in 78. They say the "V" stood for Vancouver - actually... that's a misnomer.. the "V" stood for victory. 'Er so I've been told by historical sources.
RE: The Blues third jersey... as Larry David would say - That is fierce.
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