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The Hockey Rants Glossary

Bloggers tend to have their own nicknames and vocabulary that they use. Sometimes it's regional, other times it's just a personal style. It adds flavour, much like white pepper and Vegemite.

In my case, I have quite a few nicknames and terms that I like to use that might be confusing or new to most people.

So, here is an always fluctuating list of terms, nicknames, and other words that you'll find used on this site. Some are 'borrowed', some I created myself, and some are common usage. Feel free to use these yourself.

Adonis Jiri Slegr
Anti-Laxative Antti Laaksonen
AQ The Acid Queen
Barge Roman Turek
Big Mac Al MacInnis
Booby/The Boob Bobby Clarke
Buttman Gary Bettman
Cementhead Tie Domi
Chewbacca Derian Hatcher
Chipmunk Chris Pronger
Chocolate John LeClair
Country Vladimir Orszagh
Crème Brule Gilbert Brule
Crow Marc Crawford
Czechia Czech Republic
Diveboy Radek Dvorak
Fleo Theoren Fleury
Goldilocks Markus Naslund
Grumpy Bear Todd Bertuzzi
Hepatitis Boy Patrik Elias
Jock Jacques Lemaire
Jovocop Ed Jovanovski
Judas RJ Umberger
Kapitan Ka$hin Alexei Yashin
Krazy Karol Karol Krizan (Slovak goaltender)
McGoo Mick McGeough (ref)
Mediots Media Idiots (ala Al Strachan)
Mini-Berezin Greg Jacina
Mood Ring Alexander Mogilny
Mr. Shadow Ivan Majesky
MSM Mainstream Media/Mediots
Ninjaboy Stanislav Lascek
Nurse Alexandre Daigle
O RLY? Oh, really?
Ovul-8 Alex Ovechkin
Pavol Pavol Demitra (the only and only)
Pigface Olli Jokinen
Potatohead Marian Gaborik
Pothole Felix Potvin
Prince Vince Vincent Lecavalier
Puree Pavel or Valeri Bure
Rebound Machine Robert Esche
Repo Man Teppo Numminen
Ronald McDonald Mike Commodore
Sedinbots Daniel & Henrik Sedin
Sleepy Vaclav Prospal
Smiles Oleg Kvasha
Slovak Pak Lubos Bartecko/Michal Handzus/Pavol Demitra
Special Ed Ed Jovanovski
Tarantula Head Anson Carter
The Big Ego Eric Lindros
The Bod Rod Brind'Amour
The Brat Martin Havlat
The Butcher Andrej Meszaros
The Count Gary Bettman
The Evil Empire The USA
The Evil Kingdom Sweden
The Fraud "Eklund"
The Golden Brat Brett Hull
The Mercenary Robert Reichel
The Ogre Marek Malik
Tittysmacky Antero Niittymaki
Tool Man Tim Taylor
Yank(ee) Generic term for any American
(as Canadians use it)

No one else uses Tarantula Head.


- Duc
"Hepatitis Boy" is the most obvious one, but it still made me laugh the hardest.
I prefer Mickey Mouse McGoo for Mick McGeough. (But I love the first one on your list! LOL!!)
A couple made up ones from me and a friend..

Black Knight - Anson Carter
Alex Bald
Deadbeat- Adam Deadmarsh
Hedge Duck - Milan Hejduk
Bum Dart- Nolan Baumgartner
Buzz Lightyear- Teemu Selanne
aHh yes, Alex Bauld (Bald), I forgot about that one.

As for Deadmarsh, he's just KO'd ;)
This one made me laugh:
Chocolate = John LeClair

May I add one from my household?
Tittysmacky = Nittymaki
Tittysmacky??? 0_o

That certainly has a good ring and flow to it. I'll try and adopt it, especially around my girlfriend, the Flyers fan ;)
Glad to's our favorite.
Captain Hook - S. Gonchar (he has probably been called for more hooking penalties then any d-man in the league the past 2 years)

- Jon
Wasn't Chewbacca called captain hook also?
We have a bad habit of calling Teemu Selanne "Team Man Salami"
"Hepatitis Boy" for Patrik Elias is too wordy... what about "Liver Boy" instead?
here are a few more:

Scott Niedermayer : Nieds
Brian Gionta: The Rochester Rocket
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