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The Mike Comrie/Tommy Salo "Affair"

Hockey Rants gets a lot of search hits for "Mike Comrie Tommy Salo Wife", or variants thereof. Thanks a comment in one of my old posts by my online Oilers pal, Big Dan, people end up here searching for some juicy gossip regarding the affair Mike Comrie had with Salo's old ball and chain.

Since James Mirtle thinks I am a great perveyor of smut, I might as well oblige as to not disappoint my "peeps".

Big Dan gives us the scoop
When Salo found out about it and confronted his wife, she packed up and moved back to Sweden. Salo became very depressed because he missed his wife and kid and he let his play slip as a result.

Lowe didn’t know about this and picked up Salo’s $3.9 million option in June, 2003 (which was stupid any way you look at it).

Kevin Lowe then got so pissed off at Comrie when he heard about this that he played hardball in the contract negotiations (Comrie became a RFA on July 1, 2003). Lowe also found out that the affair caused friction in the dressing room not to mention the ownership group (Bill Comrie sold his share and moved away from Edmonton). Some players felt bad for Salo. Some, I guess, thought Salo should suck it up. Salo didn’t win many fans or allies by never taking the blame for a bad game or a bad goal. He always had to be coddled by the dressing room staff. And as his play got worse and worse, teammates disliked him even more.

Lowe also didn’t like the fact Comrie came back prematurely from injury in the 2002-2003 season, totally refused to back check, tried just hard enough to earn his fat bonus, and then totally disappeared in the playoffs. Very selfish kid!

So, the Oilers struggled out of the gate. Comrie’s holdout was being a huge distraction (a lot of Oilers felt bad for him), Smyth was playing center (because Reasoner was hurt and Marchant/ Comrie were gone), and Brewer was struggling because his long-time defense partner Niinimaa was gone.

The biggest reason for the slow start to the season was the fact Salo ABSOLUTELY SUCKED in 2003-04. I mean, not mediocre and inconsistent like in 2002 and 2003. I mean, not even good-enough-for-the-UHL bad. And Lowe was paying $4 million for his services. Conklin looked like a superstar compared to Salo.

Even the outdoors game and the acquisitions of Oates and Ulanov in December couldn’t turn things around. Once the soap opera ended with Comrie & Salo being dealt, and Lowe picking up Nedved, the Oilers went from four games under. 500 to unbeatable. Their magic run almost resulted in a playoff spot if not for your crummy Canucks beating us in the final game of the season.

That is what some friends of mine have said about the behind-the-scenes problems for the Oilers in 2003. And that is why Comrie is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE in Edmonton. He even got booed at a charity game in Red Deer! Total scum of the earth.


Now, I have heard very weak rumours that Comrie was dealt from the Flyers to the Coyotes because he then went and slept with Ms. Eric Desjardins. I always figured it was his crappy play that got him traded, but once a player, always a player.

OK, Golbez, now everyone wants to hear about the Jeff Brown with Kirk McLean's wife stories from the post-1994 Cup run era.
Who's Big Dan? Can any of these things even be verifiable? Or has rumour heard many times just turned into fact?
Bill Comrie had a stake in the Oilers ownership group? What's your source for that information?
brown-maclean? pah, i want the whole shanny, janney wife stealing incident in print first!!

hey, at least iron mike traded them both away
Ah, the good old "player sleeps with teammate/coach's wife" story. Perhaps the biggest urban myth in hockey. It always seems to pop up whenever a player is having either on-ice troubles or problems with management. Remember how Ted Nolan was supposedly fired for sleeping with Dominik Hasek's wife? Howza 'bout Mathieu Schneider getting traded from Montreal because of an affair with Patrick Roy's wife? Or Eric Lindros supposedly banging Mark Recchi's spouse being the real reason why he was dealt by the Flyers? Or Shayne Corson knockin' boots with Alexander Mogilny's missus?

Tittilating? Yes. True? No. But hey, they're more tasty than them trade rumours,eh?
Never heard the Comrie – Desjardins thing. Trading him to Phoenix has worked out well for the Flyers.

Get your urban myth right. Lindros was banging Brind'Amour's wife, thats why he was sent to Carolina.
pah i read it on the net therefore it is true. heck it is even a quiz question!

wikipedia takes the higest road though:
Shanahan married Catherine Janney (ex-wife of former teammate Craig Janney) on July 4, 1998; they have 3 children, twins Maggie and Jack, and Catherine born on October 16, 2004.

300ish other sites..

actually i'd bet it happens on every team. and what we hear is the tipor the iceberg and innaccurate. heck my work has 50ish people and it happens there. we even have a "secret" registered sex offender that no one >wink< >wink< knows about. is hockey immune? 1000 people and nothing happens. no wife beaters, cheaters, liars, thieves, etc?

better yet does it affect my views on my co-workers at work? yep. but it isnt supposed to on my hockey views?!? bah!

oh wait sorry. i love mike danton. he plays hockey. and steve durbano
I heard a rumor that Mike Keenan eats children.

proof? This IRC Chatlog confirms it:

IronMike_69: I was fired from my job because I ate Jeff Nortons children.

Iron_MikeBadassBoxer: Duuude! You actually traded someone for Jeff Norton. The other team totally pwned u then!


Iron_MikeBadassBoxer: Hey! Enough of the unpleasantries. Peace Love And Understanding Man.

IronMike_69: Yeah, sorry. At least we can agree that Sweden Rulz and Slovakia Sucks!

Iron_MikeBadassBoxer: Yeah! Cool.
i'd start hating iron mike because of that, but he already coached my team so it istoo late!!!
Get your urban myth right. Lindros was banging Brind'Amour's wife, thats why he was sent to Carolina.

Don't forget the part where Lindros got his sixth concussion because Brindy smacked him upside the head with a folding chair (the story about running into Frankie Lessard was just a cover by the organization to keep the truth from getting out).
I realize this is an old article but I also read another highly annoying one that said that Brendan Shanahan "stole" Craig Janney's wife. HELLO??? She wasn't kidnapped or raped was she now? I know for a fact that she went along very willingly (as would I if given half a chance). Why do people use the term "stole" when something happens like this? Two consenting adult what?? It happens everyday in the real happened in our own WHITE happens. Who cares what hockey player screws the other hockey players wife? I don't. I am WAY more upset that Shanny is a friggen Ranger!! Now....did anyone else hear the REASON she left Craig Janney?? He beat her up...Shanny was her shoulder to cry on after her hubby beat her up and THAT my friends happens very anybody!!
the rumor, was lindros banged brind'amours wife.

which would make more sense then recchi as brind'amour went through an excruciating divorce around that time.
yup...its true that mikey slept with salos wife but who fuckin cares. hes a great guy and great player. people make mistakes. all of us sleep around and i cant even count how many of my teamates have slept with the wives of others.
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