Tuesday, February 08, 2005


"Idle Rumors Are the Devil's Tools"

I know I've discussed the suddenly popular Hockey Rumors blog and it's so-called mertis before. I got an email from Dubi, who pointed me to his vivisection of Eklund's spotty rumor trail.

If you had any doubt left as to the credbility of 'Eklund', then I suggest you check out Dubi's 'Ordinary Least Square' Blog.

I was curious, so I put him to the test. I went through all his posts, every last one of them, quite a bit since November. Though he qualifies it all as rumor, I was surprised to find that virtually nothing he has reported has come to pass. So little that in three months of posting, he has only written “as I said” or "as I predicted" a few times -- and he says it every time a prediction comes true.

Yep...Dubi went through each and every entry and chopped Eklund's remaining credibility into one-inch cubes. After ripping Eklund a new one, Dubi made a great point with which I fully agree with.

Eklund, you are doing a disservice to the fans you think you are advocating for. You have not gotten one single major point right, and have gotten only a small handful of minor or obvious points right. In the process, you have created false hope among fans who should be clamoring for resolution, and worse, it appears possible that you have emboldened one side to take a harder line by portraying the other side in an unflattering light that no other source has validated.

If you see any minions/dunderheads posting Eklund's rumours on message board as statements of actual fact, then I suggest you point them to Dubi's post and watch as their dreams shatter like antique chinaware.

Let's consider this case closed and move on.

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