Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Rachel Stoll and Jarret Stoll: Engaged

by Jes

Well, it seems like MILF Hunter Jarret Stoll has taken the next step in his relationship with ex-model/prowling cougar Rachel Hunter: Engagement.

Yes, the sexy "veteran" has managed to convince a man 13 years younger than she is to go down the aisle. The warnings signs were certainly there, and Stoll made his move quickly.

Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter is set to tie the knot with her ice hockey player boyfriend who is 13 years her junior.

Hunter, 38, confirmed her engagement to 26-year-old Jarret Stoll to

The model has reportedly told friends: 'He's my first true love since Rod, and the age difference isn't an issue.'

Talk about a good trade! Rod Stewart has been decrepit beyond belief for some time, and looks like he's been around the block a few thousand times.

Stoll? He's young, fit, and can handle his stick quite well ... although he seems to lack finish. Maybe she likes it like that?

Although Hunter is rather old for him, I still have to say Stoll did pretty well for himself. The former model has aged quite well, and certainly is capable of handling the spotlight.

Now that Stoll is with the LA Kings, expect this couple to get even more publicity than they already do. A marriage made in hockey heaven.


Dominik Hasek's overpriced "Dominator" clothing line is hemorrhaging cash ... Is anyone surprised? Does anyone feel one iota sorry for the douchebag?

I didn't think so.

Nike may very well be able to charge exhobitant prices for their cheap goods, simply because they have a stupid SWOOSH on them, but Hasek has no such marketing clout.

It seems rather funny, too, that Hasek's line will close down in Czechia, but still be open in the USA.

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I don't "feel sorry" for Dom, but realistically, I wouldn't call him a douchebag either. Guess maybe you feel differently because the Slovak side of our split hasn't produced a single good goalie? lol

Jaroslav Halak is gonna be a good one, and don't forget Budaj and Lasak (good in Europe, anyway)

Don't forget Hasek assaulted a man during a ball hockey game and fled to the USA (his first comeback) to escape jail time. ... he got Ted Nolan fired in Buffalo, and I've heard quite a few stories about how poorly he treats people back in his homeland.
I thought your blog was pretty funny. It was a great read. The timing of Stoll's trade and the engagement are rather interesting. I'm willing to bet he made some kind of a push, I can't imagine any kind of model wanting to live in Edmonton. They'd never see each other. At least their out in LA where all the good stuff goes down.
1)As we wrote on another blog earlier in the week about Stoll/Hunter:
We’d have trouble getting over the fact that she was married to male-skank Rod Stewart. Before we’d plunge our faux-weapon into that we’d want a battery of tests performed!
Halak might be the best one... But even then, that list compares to a Milan Hnilicka-tier of goalie, not up there with Hasek or even Vokoun, Cechmanek, Turek...

Anyway, was just buggin'...
Nice blog, and fun to reading
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