Tuesday, December 06, 2005


A Tale of Two Michaels

Let's compare two players. Which one would you pick?

Player #1: 24GP 2-5-7 -4 16PIM $3,990,000
Player #2: 26GP 4-9-13 -11 12PIM $2,050,000

By the looks of it, Player #2 is a cheaper option, although maybe not as good defensively (Since +/- should be analyzed in a team environment concept, you shouldn't put much stock in it on its own)

So, then why did Edmonton trade Michael York (Player #2) for Michael Peca (Player #1)? Yes, I criticized this trade before, but it's really obvious that the Oilers are paying almost double the salary for an inferior player. Given the status of both teams and players, I doubt you can make a good case that Peca is so great defensively as to warrant $4mil a year in salary.

Remember, kids, each dollar you spend on one player takes away the ability to spend on other players thanks to Mrs. Salary Cap.

And just for the hell of it.

Player #3: 28GP 8-18-26 +3 26PIM $2,280,000

That would be Michael Nylander, the Swedish bloke who has the great fortune of setting up Jaromir Jagr on a nightly basis.

And just to rub it in

Player #4: 27GP 9-12-21 +5 12PIM $1,748,000

That would be Mike Comrie, Edmonton's own son who whined his way out of the city. Edmonton just doesn't have much luck with those Michael's.

While I agree with your post in it's entirety. Teams have always had budgets, especially Canadian teams, and have always had oppurtunity costs. It's not as if teams have just begun to be straddled by a bad contracts.
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What? d00d! You left off Mike Komisarek defencemen for Montreal.

And being the Slav-ophile that you are, how could you leave out Michal Handzus on your "Michael Stat watch"?

... and his teammate Mike Richards

Player #5: 21GP 0-1-1 -1 33PIM $901,740

Player #6: 25GP 6-16-22 -1 10PIM $2,218,000

Player #7 24GP 5-11-16 +10 15PIM $942,400
Mike York had a 5 point (2g, 3a) night against St.Louis on Tuesday. He was initially given an assist on the other goal, but the scoring was later changed. We few, we (un)happy few in the seats at Savvis got tired of hearing his name.
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