Monday, December 05, 2005


Greg Jacina: The next Sergei Berezin?

Do you ever see a player in a much different light than the rest of society? Do you and perhaps one or more other buddies have an inside joke in regards to that player?

Well, for me and one pal from back East, Chris "CK", Florida Panthers winger Greg Jacina will forever be linked to us thanks to a game back in February 2003.

I was meeting with some fantasy hockey buds during my trip to Toronto, and we attended a Battallion/Icedogs game at the Hershey Centre. Don Cherry had the brilliant idea of building a nice new arena in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, I didn't know it was possible to be so far away from civilization in Mississauga.

Anyway, I was sitting next to Chris and we decided to do a little scouting. Which OHL players were we going to draft for our fantasy teams? The obvious candidates were Robbie Schremp, Patrick O'Sullivan, and Kamil Kreps (who has since fallen off the face of the Earth), but it was Greg Jacina who caught our eye.

Chris: "My god, It's Sergei Berezin!"

Jes: "Heeeeeeeyyy. I think you're right!"

Oh, you had to be there. It was as if we found the perfect Berezin clone. Jacina had the same short build with stocky leagues, the flowing hair, and right-handed shot, the great speed, the half-tucked in sweater, and the penchant for poaching.

So, all game long we were heckling Jacina with stuff like "Hey Berezin, your end is THAT way!" and "Sergei, you are allowed to pass to your teammates, ya know?" while our other pals were like "Wot the hell are these d00ds tokin!?"

See, they just didn't get it.

Anyway, mini-Berezin has finally played his first 5 NHL game this season after signing with the Panthers as an undrafted free agent. Berezin, himself, was drafted only in the 10th round.

Now, the search is on for the next Scott Lachance.

Hell, how about a search for the real Scott Lachance.

(He's in Switzerland.)
Having notched a stellar 1 assist, no goals in 14 games...

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