Wednesday, July 13, 2005


What's in the beer over in Czechia?

I am sure you are well aware of Jaromir Jágr's penchant for entering beauty contests.

Jaromir Jagr

"Is that Monica Lewinsky? What a butch!


So, defenseman and Golbez favourite Jiri Slegr decided to one-up Jágr and go on Czech TV to do a little showgirl number for 'friend' Martin Rucinsky.

Jiri Slegr



Ok, I need something to wipe that image out of my head...

Jiri Slegr

...much better and much more manly...

Image hosted by

"Ooooh, what's down here?"

While Jagr was watching the show, his girlfriend apparently had other interests...
(assist to 'joolzie')

What the hell?!

Where did you find that gem?

Interview with Denik Sport...
Oh, God, Jes, that is just wrong!
That last picture gave a new meaning to "Pull my finger."

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