Thursday, July 07, 2005


Sidney Crosby: The Wanted Man!

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In light of the news that the CBA is all but agreed to, this Sidney Crosby story doesn't seem quite as relevant...but it's still interesting.

Hockey phenom Sidney Crosby is in contract talks with Swiss club Lugano, The Canadian Press has learned.

With the NHL set to unveil a new collective bargaining agreement with tough new limits on entry-level contracts, a source said Wednesday that Crosby has been offered a three-year deal that could be worth as much as $10 million US including a multimillion-dollar signing bonus by the Swiss club.
There is no doubt that certain European teams will be able to tempt Crosby with offers like he could not make in the NHL due to entry level restrictions.

Unless the lockout continues, don't expect Crosby to be TOO tempted by Swiss Francs and Rhein Maidens.

1. As Michael commented in yesterday's post, Crosby's exposure to the lucrative North American would be severly minimized. This would basically kill Crosby's even more lucrative endorsement deals.

2. Sidney Crosby didn't train and work hard for all of these years to play in Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe. Barring some last-minute negotiating stupidity, Crosby will be in the NHL next season.

Still, these offers do give Crosby some great negotiating leverage. Say Crosby gets drafted a by a team he really doesn't want to play for (like the New York Rangers or Carolina Hurricanes) could happen. Now, Crosby can simply say "I'll play in Lugano until you trade me to Montreal or a team I like better."

It's always good to have options.

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